Thursday, April 17, 2014

MQM (Altaf) - a confused group!

Even after NSC meeting, air is still vibrant with General Raheel's statement notifying Pakistan Army's stance over General (R) Pervaiz Musharraf trail under article 6. His emphasis on maintaining Army's grace on own is understood in all corners of Pakistan but the reaction of MQM was 'fantastic.' Initially they were unable to understand ISPR press release as to what is said but after sometime their traditional instincts guided them to twist the situation along with media partners to an extent where PMLN went on to back foot. 

Beside their recent Army Solidarity Rally, which was originally arranged to favor Pervaiz Musharraf upon the directive of 'hidden hands' trying to gain some political support for retired Army general, you still may find MQM lovers fighting over Social Media in favor of Musharraf without knowing the cause of their love for him except only argument that 'he's Mohajir that's how being tried in court!' Neither Altaf Hussein nor his Rabita Committee members presenting any solid argument in favor of Musharraf to avoid his trials' further proceedings.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

KARACHI - A generation killed, a generation spoiled; 1984-2014

Last month in a meeting, when I asked one of my Arab friend about the state of youth in her country - mostly engage in immoral activities, she replied that 'all is done purposely and youth are pushed to that direction.' I was surprised, asked 'why?' She looked at me as if I am ignorant about their state of affairs and responded, 'if they are engaged in educational and healthy political social activities, first they will ask why are we ruled by a single family since ages, who made us slaves? That's how they are being pushed to that state by the rulers -purposely- to keep them diverted in a direction that keep their mind away from positive thinking."