Thursday, April 10, 2014

KARACHI - A generation killed, a generation spoiled; 1984-2014

Last month in a meeting, when I asked one of my Arab friend about the state of youth in her country - mostly engage in immoral activities, she replied that 'all is done purposely and youth are pushed to that direction.' I was surprised, asked 'why?' She looked at me as if I am ignorant about their state of affairs and responded, 'if they are engaged in educational and healthy political social activities, first they will ask why are we ruled by a single family since ages, who made us slaves? That's how they are being pushed to that state by the rulers -purposely- to keep them diverted in a direction that keep their mind away from positive thinking."

This reminds me the state of affairs in Karachi where a political party that dominates since 1984 purposely pushed the youth in a direction that -in today's environment- is termed as terrorism even long before the word terrorism is evolved due to Osama Bin Laden & his followers. In emotional speeches, Urdu speaking professionals were told to 'sell their television and VCR sets to buy weapons to protect themselves.' After spending decade in Karachi, I never found that hidden enemy for which TV or VCR were sold off. Why an educated professional or a youth who is embarking his or her educational journey, was guided towards purchase of weapon or hidden enemy which would not be there in reality?

Even the slogans had been crafted in a way that educated youths - bear in mind that educated means only degree holders, not really literate who thinks or tend to ask questions about masters- may find themselves trapped. Such as 'Hum Ko Manzil Nahee Rehnuma Chaheya' means we do not need our target, we only need leader. This is the most absurd mind set ever produced, reason being once degree-holders youth would start using their skills and impartial mind set, first question they would ask 'as what is the end result of formation of a Mohajir organization, what has been achieved and what is lost or where are we heading?' In order to avoid young workers from thinking, such slogans were produced. MQM journey is like flight MH370, begins with defined destination but lost soon after take off and now missing!

Another funny mind set prepared is reflected in this slogan, 'Jo Quaid Ka Ghaddar Hay Wo Maut Ka Haqdar Hay' means anyone who betrays Altaf Hussain, deserves death. With this slogan in reality you may find hundreds of deaths in Karachi during inter-MQM conflicts especially in 1992. Starting from Azeem Ahmed Tariq to Khaled Bin Waleed......all are victims of this slogan & mind set. But nobody in MQM dares to ask 'what if Quaid himself is traitor then what's the punishment for that Quaid? If any one dare to ask, he is termed as dissident & would deserve fate of Dr. Imran Farooq.

Youth are always fuel to political parties, all political parties have their student wings ensuring supply of fresh blood. I mean young workers, keep emerging and providing life line to political parties. When students wings had been instructed to form militant groups, it became a turning point in Karachi politics. Eventually these militant wings are used to control Karachi, sometimes pressurizing the government or sometimes using violence as lever to dictate terms. Nevertheless, these groups were human groups and taught lesson of loyalty with party top leadership. MQM slogans mentioned above are example of such process which sucks blood of dissidents. There's a need of statistical survey to find out as how many youngsters aged between 16 to 35 had been killed since 1984 due to inter party conflict, rivalry, used to destroy Karachi peace, Police or Law enforcement agencies encounters, bank dacoity, robbery, collection & distribution of extortion money, land grabbing process, and used as security guards for party leadership but got killed purposely when they come to know hidden facts about leadership. This is beside those who were not involved and innocent bystanders killed by unknown sniper firing especially on party-called strike days or became victim of hatred of militant group individuals for personal reasons.

Likewise, usage of unfair means in exam is at its highest peak. Before MQM formation or gaining power reins in Karachi in 1984, it existed but in a very limited form and society hates students who used to pass exams by using unfair means. After the advent of politically -MQM- dominated Karachi, outside of every secondary school or college building during examination, political activists would have seen helping friends and colleagues in completing exam using illegal means and ways. After 'wasting' a decade in education sector especially in Karachi, I came across frequently and during exam days daily, many of MQM sector workers, who possess little authority in sector office, asking for rebate for exam centers. The situation of Universities is far beyond imagination, for example in any Medical College or professional technical university, final year exam, where the percentage is counted for passing the exam grade, examination room is always full of unfair means used by students - professional doctors and engineers. There was a term in education industry, open book exam - which means that exam paper is set in a way even if you have book with you, it wouldn't help you answering the questions, is turning reality. Professional colleges or universities last year students keep on using illegal means to gain better percentages in final exams. This simply means that many of our professionals had passed their final year exams -under political patronage- by using unfair means. Eventually that had resulted crowded job market or higher unemployment rate. One of the reason for this is incompetent -politically passed- professionals too!

Quota system was a nightmare for Karachi domicile holders, once upon a time. In early 80s or 90s it was termed as Israel domicile with a view that with this domicile you cant get admission in universities, you wont find jobs through civil services (CSS or CSP) exams, and you are not fit for armed forces selection. With the advent of MQM, quota system keeps on dragging, initially for 10 years period and now for ever endorsed by Sind govt with the blessing of MQM. Further discussion on such topic is not treated as good because Altaf Hussain, founder of MQM, doesn't like and never appreciate anything that reflects MQM past & his failure or deviation from the original promises to Mohajirs.

As a common citizen of Karachi when you visit areas such as Liaquatabad, Golimar, Malir, Surjani, Burns Road you may hear the most sad stories about youngsters sacrifice for the cause of a mere political circus such as Hum Ko Manzil Nahee Rehnuma Chaheya. A mother got burst into tears when she revealed the story of her 24 years old only son who used to be Karachi University brightest student, somehow hooked up with APMSO, All Pakistan Mohajir Student Organization's militant group ended up in many illegal activities for party cause, finally lost his life in inter-party conflict at Malir. She further added, my son used to say that 'in this party entrance is mere easy but no way to get out, means you can't leave the party once involved in political -illegal- activities. Bullet is the only answer.'

Altaf Hussain rose from Honda 50 to a level he has never thought in his life - made fortune to live in London's most expensive suburb and attain British citizenship at the cost of thousands of Bihari stranded in Bangladesh camps since over 40 years or hundreds who had died in Karachi or Hyderabad violence strengthening the cause of Altaf Husain. 

A generation has been spoiled or killed in all this process due to which MQM leader made tons of pounds. May be Scotland yard would catch him in anti money laundering (AML) case but who will catch him in spoiling Mohajirs, once most educated elite of South Asia, youngsters who now hold KK or pistols as symbol of bravery and not able to read or write one complete verse of Holy Quran or understand poetry of Iqbal & Faiz or pass English language test with flying colors.

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