Thursday, April 17, 2014

MQM (Altaf) - a confused group!

Even after NSC meeting, air is still vibrant with General Raheel's statement notifying Pakistan Army's stance over General (R) Pervaiz Musharraf trail under article 6. His emphasis on maintaining Army's grace on own is understood in all corners of Pakistan but the reaction of MQM was 'fantastic.' Initially they were unable to understand ISPR press release as to what is said but after sometime their traditional instincts guided them to twist the situation along with media partners to an extent where PMLN went on to back foot. 

Beside their recent Army Solidarity Rally, which was originally arranged to favor Pervaiz Musharraf upon the directive of 'hidden hands' trying to gain some political support for retired Army general, you still may find MQM lovers fighting over Social Media in favor of Musharraf without knowing the cause of their love for him except only argument that 'he's Mohajir that's how being tried in court!' Neither Altaf Hussein nor his Rabita Committee members presenting any solid argument in favor of Musharraf to avoid his trials' further proceedings.

MQM philosophy -about Article 6 trial of ex-COAS- is something like decades before Molvis' propaganda against Jamat e Islami. Mostly, it was said that 'Americans are funding Jamat Islami.' When 'foolish investigators' asked 'how come?' then it was told that 'by purchasing Syed Maududi's books.' Again, when someone inquired 'what Americans will do with Syed Maududi's books?' There used to be replies like that 'off course American's are throwing them in Atlantic sea in order to damage Islam.' This Molvis's mentality used to be enjoyed in literary circles which was crafted against JI to tease their workers. It was an era when normal Molvi  was not able to attract masses and JI leadership became public figure after great mass attraction either through resistance against Ayub' regime or anti-Qadiyani movement. So that hatred of Molvi with JI was somehow 'justified' as JI took the leading role away from Molvis.

Likewise, today MQM has crafted a hidden enemy; sometimes they blame Police, some times Sindhi nationalist, and now new list contains Taliban as Mohajir enemy. It is said that it all depends upon the situation and circumstances of MQM leader Altaf Hussain, if he is in trouble in United Kingdom due to Scotland Yard investigation, British agencies become Mohajir enemies, if US authorities are not helping Altaf Hussain in wake of Scotland Yard investigation, then it turns out to be International conspiracy against Mohajirs. Similarly, when mind strings of Altaf Hussain vibrating against JI, all JI workers would come under fire as traitors or anti-Mohajirs. Today, if less extortion money is collected then entire Karachi traders population is MQM enemy. I remember, once Jang newspaper refused to publish Altaf Husain photo on its front page, then Mir Khalil ur Rehman (A real Mohajir, who migrated from India in 1947) was declared as traitor by MQM. Similarly cigarettes were declared Mohajirs enemy when Pakistan Tobacco Company had refused to pay handsome amount to MQM Nine-Zero office as extortion money and later they moved their offices from Karachi to Jehlum leaving hundreds of Mohajirs jobless. Like that you could imagine MQM enemies list depending upon your past memorization. In spite of all this, who is Mohajirs' real enemy, it is yet to be identified.

MQM Slogan - Muhajiro Ka Teen Ghaddar,
Mir Jaffer, Mir Sadiq, Mir Khalil ur Rehman
Even the definition of Mohajirs has been redefined many times by MQM and Altaf Hussain. Before MQM, it was understood that Mohajirs are those who migrated from India during 1947 and settled in Karachi or Hyderabad areas & predominantly speak Urdu language. In its initial days, MQM had said 'Mohajirs are those people who used to live in Indian state of UP, CP or Bihar and migrated to Pakistan in 1947.' When many real Mohajirs refused to join MQM, then the definition has been further classified as 'those who are MQM sympathetic and migrated from India are called as Mohajirs.'  In later years, for political needs this definition is dropped and hence Mutahhida came into existence over the dead demands of Mohajir Qoumi Movement.

MQM, which is actually born & brought up during those days when JI was a dominating force in Karachi politics, guided their workers towards a hidden enemy (probably MQM cant name JI openly at that time, so hidden enemy concept was formulated). For example all forces are against Mohajirs, Mohajir genocide is going on, Establishment is against Mohajirs and willing to kill Mohajirs (anti -establishment slogans were at their peak during 1992 operation & after until Musharraf came & white washed all their sins), our miseries will come to an end when Karachi turn out to be a province with Mohajir (MQM member) as its Chief Minister. Pick up any of these points and compare it with MQM ever-changing-mind-set, it will become evident that 'there's no thought process in MQM as a political party.' For example, in 1992 it is said that Army Establishment is anti-Mohajir but when you look at MQM's stance today over Musharraf trial while they say that 'he is tried under article 6 by being Mohajir' contradicts MQM previous stance. Similarly word 'genocide' is used to attract United Nations or Human Rights Organization that Mohajir community is under fire and so on.

MQM Slogans
We heard these slogans in 1984, when it was told that once Mohajir win elections in Karachi, all Karachi problems will be resolved. Unfortunately MQM under Haq Parast banner won the elections consecutively but Karachi issues remain there. Then it was told that if MQM joins federal govt then Karachi issues such as quota system will be abolished but MQM became part of federal govt for approximately 3 decades & major issues like Karachi quota system etc went on to back burner. I remember, an MQM hardcore supporter once delivering his speech before Altaf Hussein speech loudly said 'if MQM gains power, we will bring all Biharis from Bangladeshi camps.' Till today poor Biharis either live in Orangi Town, Karachi or in Bihari camps outside Dhaka for over 40 years. In 1992 when MQM got split, it was said that MQM enemy is Establishment, means Army or ISI and one of the Army Major Kaleem got abused in Karachi but in 2014, we have seen MQM enthusiastically arranging Army Solidarity Rally against TTP forgetting all sting operations of 92 and supporting same Captains or Major or Colonels who took part in Karachi operation and now became senior officers of Pakistan Armed Forces.

Last week, one of MQM workers, she came to my home & burst into tears asking, "Baji, who is our (MQM) enemy; I spend 17 years in party but unable to find what is going on. One day I support one idea & after sometime I have been instructed to curse that, what to do? Since yesterday, Rangers had picked up my younger brother for unknown reasons and I am unable to find his whereabouts. What to do with this Solidarity Rally where I worked day & night and now again spending nights in all Police Stations identifying my brother and cursing same security personals whom I praised in rally few weeks ago!' 

But with all this, we couldn't find enemy of MQM. Someone from MQM fold whispered in my ear, short ago it is discussed in party that 'Altaf Hussain personality disorder has created enough problems for Mohajirs living in Karachi & Hyderabad and he, himself is the worst enemy of Mohajirs & MQM.' I looked at him and started thinking that 'how long will it take to pack his dead body in a bag, if his conversation is exposed to other splinter groups of MQM who pretend to be more loyal to Altaf Hussain than him!'


Unknown said...

it was a very funny article, first of all your rants are not backed up with facts and resources, your article seems more like written on the parchment of shaan masala with lots of spice in it, or should i say spiteful manner mixed with hate, irony is that you have totally failed to support your analysis with facts and figures. you seem to be very much influenced by jamaat e islami, well jamaat islam one day with all burkafy women like you and they will treat you like goats and herds, then you will come running back to MQM to free enslaved women from the TTP

Afifa Rahatulain said...

Being grown up in karachi I agree to the blogger's thoughts. However mqm will keep on going with these tactics unless the brainless supporters of mqm start understanding that "mohajir" card is just a political thing. Pl

Moreover, born and lived in karachi I do not consider my generation as mohajirs anymore.