Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Imran Khan - Rising star or old wine - Part 4

Today Imran Khan and his PTI are under focus; how they came under focal point that is the million dollar questions? No one is willing to answer this question sincerely. During early days of Musharraf, when he was planting “fake” referendum to get endorsement from “ignorant” poor’s of Pakistan, Imran Khan was taking dictators side, though he openly admit that “had had made mistake.”

Nowadays, when all the stalwarts of Musharraf ex-regime are –somehow- joining Pakistan Tahreek Insaaf, it is not strange to know as “who had signalled these traditional politicians to be part of Imran Khan’s team?” But the fact remain exists that these feud-politics are not “senseless” to join a party that won only one seat before. Those they are aware of Pakistani environment they know very well the mindset of our “beloved” politicians and their migration to ruling party. The case of Q-league is very evident when the entire close by stalwarts of Mian Nawaz Sharif ditched them for Musharraf after 12th Oct 1999; Shaikh Rashid is the prime example of this political mindset.

So there’s something, that Imran Khan would get larger share in coming days in Pakistan govt structure.

It is also clear that those they are migrating to PTI were close to military establishment in their past assignments. Be it Khurshid Kasuri, who fought fiercely 7 years that US is having right to invade Afghanistan or Shah Mehmood, or Owais Leghari all are having their inclination towards Pakistan’s powerful military apparatus. Even few of them had supported Musharraf’s action in Lal Mosque or killing of Bugti in Balochsitan. Could Imran Khan be able to change their mind set in coming days – as part of their change slogan- or they would be able to change Imran’s philosophy of sincerity, merit, fair treatment, or betterment of poor Pakistanis!!!

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