Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Imran Khan – Rising star or old wine – Part 3

Those they had watched today’s PTI Kasur public meeting, when Khurshid Kasuri, joined hands with Imran Khan, had witnessed amazing act of chairs snatching by the participants of the procession. This public-act was further endorsed by Imran Khan and his secretary information Shafqat Mahmood, as an act by “innocent people” because they are fed up with Zardari regime, hence “they might take away chairs from govt office bearers houses” as mentioned by PTI chairman.

This wasn’t any act of astonishment; the more astonishing act was induction of Pervaiz Musharaf’s foreign minister in the fold of PTI today, whereas PTI since its inception is quite focal against the foreign policies of Musharraf regime or any inclination towards USA interests. Khurshid Kasuri, for at least 7 years, was very instrumental in supporting Musharraf’s policies and now his induction in PTI is a signal that Imran Khan would, likely, continue the policies of past dictator. This is the “change” which is very frequently spoken by PTI supporters and Imran Khan himself as a catalyst that will change the fate of Pakistan! Is it really???

In last two days, we all had witnessed the mass induction of Pervaiz Musharraf’s “migratory birds” in Imran’s PTI as “strengthening Tahreek e Insaaf” and fully supported by the leader who, since yesterday, was vocal about the accountability of former dictator & his allies. Now he is off the view that “in Pakistan top to bottom is corrupt, I can’t bring angels from skies, hence accepting all in PTI.” This traditional phrase is always said by any Pakistani politician who hopes to get the power soon, like Mian Nawaz Sharif with the help of ISI under IJI banner, Asif Zardari under PPPP banner while Mushraf’s has to quit office and so on. What’s new in Imran Khan and what is the difference in Imran & his team, who was the team of ex-dictator till yesterday?

Some one rightly said that “with the induction of so many former dictators’ ministers in today Imran Khan’s team, it looks like that Imran has joined the king’s party (Q league.)”

Any party, new or old, with slogan of change, while having migratory birds like PPPP former foreign minister, Musharraf’s former foreign minister and a bunch of kings’ party holders, would have to think as why these traditional politicians are strengthening the hands of a gentleman who only won one seat in last general elections? The answer is simple in Pakistani environment, the traditional politicians are very sensible, since then they realize that the “powerful hand” is on Imran’s head, they know that the power would fall on him. So the gathering started again to share the piece of cake among them!

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