Friday, December 23, 2011

Imran Khan - Rising star or old wine - part 5

What Imran Khan and PTI has delivered in last few years, as politician or someone who has raised the slogan of “change,” that also needs to be accounted for!

First, while in the beginning, Imran had raised his voice against the notoriety of Muhajir’s self-claimed & exiled leader, Altaf Hussain and initiated to try him in London Royal Court, to bring him to justice for all his brutal political tactics being carried out in Karachi since ages through gangsters. He was welcomed by all however what happened in that due course was thought-provoking. In response, MQM pulled him in a court in New York for Sita White’s daughters’ paternity and Imran had decided to deal with it “outside” the court at a cost that he would be silent against MQM and MQM would be silent against his flamboyant past. This was the bargain accepted by a “righteous leader” who had condemned, in fact, all of Pakistan national political figures -rightly- for their corrupt past and the lingering nation thought that a “saviour” has arrived as they wanted a positive change. Alas, the catalyst of change had changed him in favour of all evils!

Second, when whole nation including all the politicians decided to stay away from dictator’s fake referendum but the “catalyst of change” has accepted that whole heartedly. Was it wrong or right move, regardless, but an year or so ago, the nation had learnt from him that “I had made a mistake” referring to Pervaiz Musharraf’s most rigged self-selection process.

Third, playing in the hands of intelligence agencies; this puppet role was played by most of the Pakistani political figureheads and finally had regretted their actions. Nawaz Sharif was instrumental through IJI and now we all know that it was formed and funded by Pakistan’s notorious agencies. While signing the “charter of democracy” Mian Nawaz Sharif regretted what he had played in the past under the banner of IJI. Former Ameer of Jamat e Islami, Qazi Hussain Ahmed admitted the betrayal of Musharraf, to remove his uniform when agreed, under 17th amendment. Even the formation of Mutahidda Majils Amal, MMA, was also credited to agencies, also in crafting dual conclusions. One for nation; religious alliance that can change the nation fortune, failed miserably, second for US; if you don’t deal with Musharraf then Pakistan could be taken over by religious zealots, prolonged his illegal tenure. Imran Khan is also following the footmarks of those whom he had condemned categorically in last few years, first by accepting the establishment-driven migratory birds like Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Kusrshid Kasuri, and so on and second -by unknowingly- playing against the govt of President Zardari.  Indeed, Zardari regime is the most corrupt govt of Pakistan’s history but it is somehow publically elected and democratic in its roots. Any hand strengthening the idea of military-rule is considered as undemocratic force and PTI is now driving this idea with agencies help; a well known fact, we all know!

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