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Why MQM wants to enter in Punjab? by Nadia Khan

Why MQM wants to enter in Punjab ?

By Nadia Khan


Last evening while having dinner together, when one of my British colleague, who is also engaged with a famous media group in London and actively writes about Pakistani politics, has inquired as ‘why Altaf Hussain wants to enter in Punjab politics?’ I became curious as I have no idea that any British journalist could get involved in Pakistani politics especially politics of Karachi or Muhajirs upto that level where a local leader is trying to portray his party in another province of Pakistan !


With a blank face, I nodded as ‘what do you think!’


She said, ‘his slogan is quite appealing; representation of 98% oppressed class and in Punjab there are number of opportunities for MQM!’


‘What opportunities?’ I inquired in an exclamation


She has started revealing her last two months activities in Karachi, ‘I spend last two months in Karachi, trying to know what exactly MQM had achieved so as they think that now Punjab ground is ready for them to enter.’


‘Basically MQM has failed to achieve their targets originally set forth by them, especially Altaf Hussain such as abolishing the quota system in Sind for Karachi residents, repatriation of Beharis (people who claim to be Pakistanis during 1971 war) living in refugee camps in Bangladesh, and equal rights for the Urban population of Sind, especially in Karachi, Hyderabad, Nawabshah, and Meerpurkhas. These three were the foundation stones for Muhajir Qoumi Movement formation and none of them has achieved in last 20 years!’ She continued her conversation


I was shocked with the in depth of knowledge of a British girl who only spends 60 days in a city and knows much about its ethnic politics. I was enjoying and I inquired further to provoke her for more information gain!


‘What have you learnt is those 60 days politically out of Karachi politics?’ I had thrown another question


‘Something, with that I could write a detailed report. Such as the history of MQM since 1988 elections as under what circumstances they had won the municipal elections and then successive local bodies or national elections and their entry in Islamabad . The way, they had bargained with PPP or IJI in 80s or 90s, the blood bath of Karachi and MQM role in it, 1992 Army Operation against the MQM criminal elements who were trying to seek outside help, the way they had planted their own ‘men’ in all education & local bodies departments in Sind side by side with Sindhis to help MQM in election process. The way, they take control of vicinities through their sector in charges and powerful personalities, not brought to light for common Muhajirs.’ She added


‘You know, what are sector in charges?’ I asked vehemently as I felt that she knew less about the deep inside of MQM operational process!!!


‘Yes dear, I know more than many. They are the most powerful men in MQM and directly answerable to Altaf Hussain or MQM UK ’s team without any intermediate authority. They are the one who run MQM as per the orders of UK office.’ She answered categorically


‘Ok, what’s MQM motive in Punjab or sometime they voiced their concerned about entering Kashmir politics too!’ I brought back my first question


‘Simple – all have to understand. MQM has no more activity left in Karachi . They won the elections, they are in power corridors since long even it is a military dictator or a democratic President or a democratic dictator all the time you would find MQM in power corridors. MQM main motive wasn’t the three points I highlighted before. They want to be in ruling class sitting next to landlords of Sind , even though they call themselves as the representatives of depressed classes. None of the member of provincial or national assembly could speak on his or her own behalf. All have been given strict guidelines to speak and mostly very few are allowed to speak with press.’ She continued her sermon like speech and I was enjoying


‘Have you noticed the fate of Aamir Liquat Hussain, how he is kicked out of the party & ministerial portfolio when he had disagreement with Altaf Hussain over Salman Rushdi issue. He was hardcore and diehard member of MQM since Daily Percham days.’ She added and I was amazed over her insight know how about MQM.


‘I met with Aamir Liquat but he didn’t open up his mind. Probably, the fear inside as what could happen with him if he speaks out openly. That's how MQM treats their MNAs or MPAs.’ Do you know this she inquired?


‘By keeping this status, MQM has no other agenda to divert the Muhajir community from the original issues. That’s how they crafted another “subject” entering into Punjab politics where they have no roots and ground to stand. That’s how, if you had noticed those they have been hired in Punjab to hoist MQM flag have no clean record. And they would be protected from Karachi or London by press releases or political slogans as ‘MQM workers are been targeted in Lahore & other parts of Punjab by Sharif government.’’ She replied


‘There’s no substance in MQM political agenda for common Punjabi population; Altaf Hussain’s past is full of terrorist activities, right from daily strikes during late Benazir first term till 1992 operation beginning moments then killing of Azeem Ahmed Tariq, the Chairman of MQM and you couldn’t find any statement from MQM for the apprehension of those who had committed this killing. Then Afaq Ahmed & Aamir Khan’s dissident moments and killing of hundreds of Muhajir youngsters between the Mutahhida and Muhajir Qoumi Movement splinter groups inter-fighting and killing each other workers. Hope you remember the moments when Altaf Hussain became the “Peer of Karachi” under the influence of interior Sind landlords and peers. That’s MQM past. Is he going to offer same to the poor people of Punjab ?’ she became little emotional


‘Yes, he would try to broaden the gap between the Northern & Southern Punjab. Sarieki belt is quite unhappy with their Lahori brethren and politicians like Altaf Hussain might gain ground by fuelling the emotions of hatred among them in Punjab using the name of rights for Sariakei people. Also Punjab might become the battle ground for ethnic groups and MQM Punjab workers could take refuge among them for any inter-group fighting by leveraging most out of it in Karachi .’ She explained and I couldn’t believe this now


‘You could find Altaf Hussain raising his voice in favour of Pakistan Army nowdays against Taliban. Do you know his press releases in 1992 when the same Army was conducting the operation against the criminal elements of MQM in Sindh, he was totally against of Pak Army and Pakistan itself. Do you know how an army major (Major Kaleem) was abused in Karachi?’ She mentioned and I have no other option to say yes!


By that time, we were able to finish our meal and I said to her ‘thank you for nice dinner’ and we departed. On way home, I was just in deep thoughts, what if the ‘fears’ of a foreigner could come true about MQM and Altaf Hussain then Punjab would be facing another blood bath through the hands of MQM and Lahore will have same fate like Karachi in 1992!!!! 


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Managing Jihad or Jihadi Organisation by Nadia Khan

Managing Jihad or Jihadi Organisation

by Nadia Khan


Jihad is part of every Muslims life – no matter he or she prays five times a day or not or fast in Ramadan or pays his or her Zakat (2.5% of tax) on extra wealth at the end of every year or his appearance is as per religious guidance. No matter, he is obliged to perform Jihad in his daily life, some time fighting against social evils by pen or by words, or raising voice for depressed communities of society, or even taking care of his old parents. All are considered as Jihad and every Muslim is in Jihad at all the times.


US society also differentiates among these things – for helping old parents they had formed ‘Old Houses.’ For voice, the powerful media is there and for helping depressed communities they have a fancy word ‘democracy’ to elect their rulers and hence these rulers will help them. However, they forgot to identify the nomenclature of Pakistani society where ‘democracy’ is hijacked by feudal and in elections all depressed have been forced to vote for their landlords. There are few exceptions and TV dramas of 80s of Ashfaq Ahmed, Asghar Nadeem Syed or Noorul Huda Shah would throw some light on that feud-democratic culture.


The hardcore teachings of Sufi Muhammad or his like-minded fellows that ‘democracy is un Islamic phenomenon’ is probably due to the fact that Islamic system of governance is based on Shura (consultation by a group of sincere Muslims who decide the selection of ruler and individual Muslims are not entitled to cast vote) and the painful history of democracy in Pakistan has taught a lesson that due to ‘democracy’ nothing had changed since over five decades. However such passive voices could be termed as voices of frustrated individuals who had failed to motivate masses and to divert young generation towards the peaceful teaching of Islam.


The failure of successive, but short, democratic governments in Pakistan in late 80s and 90s era, had paved the way towards the frustration of individuals especially having religious–ruler ideology (The System of Khilafat) as the only philosophy to counter the ever-changing world. Having this true approach, but only by words, and without any home work at ground, means without any motivation of masses, all have worked out short term solution to topple the government and take control of the rule of the country. With the fall of USSR in Afghan Jihad, many of the religious personalities had tasted the good taste of ruling the country – Gulbadeen Hekmat Yaar had rose to the level of Premiership, even for a very short period – individuals in Pakistan thought to worked out the same philosophy in Pakistan.


Late Haq Nawaz Jhangwvi, was the first among very few religious figures, who had won the landslide victory in Jhang, against the Shia elements of the area and had started raising his voice, predominantly against Shia community as per his own understanding of Islam contrary to his Sunni school of thought that killing of Shais is allowed. He wasn’t fully endorsed by all Deubandi religious scholars openly, but this had resulted a fierce battle within the area among Sunnis and Shias until international community got involved. Killing of number of Shia doctors in Karachi in late 90s & early 2000 had indicated that this phenomenon clearly that the mastermind of killers was a hardcore non-Pakistani Sunni and willing to settle his factional-hatred through other hands in Pakistan . Since, then number of smaller or relatively unknown organisation came to knowledge and most recent is Jund Ullah fighting against the Shais of Iran .


Even though, Japanese are the main originator of Suicide attacks from the cores of Pearl Harbour , but now Taliban is termed as the owner of this product. By knowing the enemies surrounding Pakistan, it is not clear that only Taliban fighters are using this tactics to pressurize the most-weak Zardari-led government of Pakistan, to topple it in the name of ‘law & order’ but this remains the fact that most inappropriate Interior Minister Rehman Malik is raising his voice against Taliban only. Even the smoke & debris of any suicide attack is still alive & not reaching the sky, the British-business owned minister blames that ‘all roads go to Waziristan ’ indicates his inability to identify the culprit. Catching the real culprits is out of his ministry reach! His own colleague, religious minister is shot-injured but Rehman Malik’s ministry is not able to catch the culprit. Sri Lankan team was attacked in Lahore and Interior Ministry was blaming the religious organisations of Punjab until the Sri Lankan President has informed PM Gilani that it is having Tamil Tigers (LLTE) hands. The list of interior ministry failures goes on!


That’s a common perception that if Taliban wants to kill innocent Pakistanis in masses, one of the suicide attackers could come to crowded shopping malls or bazaars in Karachi or Lahore and explodes him. The casualties would be much more than their current targets at Police or Army or law enforcement locations. There’s a need to understand the suicide-bomber philosophy of Taliban; what’s their target and why are they targeting only law enforcement agencies! The emotions of hatred or revenge pop up in hearts only. The tradition of any tribal culture reveals this fact every now & then. As long as tribes have been targeted by US attacks (from the skies only through drones) and their children have been killed on ground, the emotions can’t be controlled. A man who has lost his family can only be fit for giving his life by taking hundred of lives – suicide bomber!


Another view, as suicide-bombing product is readily available, so those International forces who have common interest in destabilizing Pakistan , may take up this product to blame others. As Taliban is all time having bad name due to US propaganda (equally followed by Indian media too) than anyone could blame Taliban for anything that might not be on their credit. There are some fanatic groups also, who claim themselves as part of Taliban or Al Qaida and operating in Pakistan , for their ulterior motives, some time takes the responsibility of something that none of the practising Muslim could ever think off. Former Ameer of Jamat e Islami, in one of his TV interview with Nadeem Malik, reiterated that the suicide attack at International University , where more than 5 innocent girls have been killed, wasn’t an action of any Jihadi organisation, requires more attention and investigation to reveal the truth.


To counter all such doubts, a powerful interior ministry is the need of Pakistan federal government; who in addition to protect people of Pakistan but to identify all the hidden forces working against Pakistan – be it Taliban or any one from cross borders!

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Tragedy of Islamic Forces! by Nadia Khan

Pakistan Today: Tragedy of Islamic Forces!

By Nadia Khan (from Swat, Pakistan)


As the Army Operation begins in Waziristan against the Islamic elements, predominantly Uzbeks, residing in adjoining areas of Afghan border with Pakistan and now termed as the centre of all evils, by the Interior Minster of Pakistan, I've always been questioning myself, "what has happened since 1989 when blue-eyed boys (Afghan mujahdeen) became the worst enemies of USA?" Sometimes the former stance of Awami National Party (ANP) or Asfandyar Wali appears to be true as "US had used Afghans and Pakistanis during Afghan –War while combating against USSR." Unfortunately, same ANP & Asfandyar Wali in 2009 is now in the corridors of White House while the Kerry-Lugar bill was presented and approved!


At foreign policy front, Taliban were the blue-eyed boys of Pakistan army as well as civilian govts including the govt of most-moderate women of Pakistan – late Benazir Bhutto. Pakistan was one of three among those who had accepted the Islamic govt of Taliban including Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates. Religious respect has been vanished and now you could observe on many of TV channels showing terrorists-caught are those having full beard and look like religious personals.


This aspect has impacted Pakistani society where the respect of religious figures or those who bear the religious outlook (like wearing non- Western dress code or Shalwar-Qameez, Islamic cap, or growing beard, their female members offer veil etc) was undisputed some time back. They were the symbol of religious phenomenon and Molvi or Mufti (Islamic scholars, Muazzan of mosques or those who conduct teachings of Holy Quran either at Madrasshas or at homes privately) was the respected element of Pakistani society. Post 9/11, the terms have been changed.


The word 'terrorist' is so frequently used for religious personalities as sometimes I feel that the Molvi sahib who comes to my house to teach Holy Quran to my sisters' kids, is may be a terrorist. This all is the result of mass-propaganda conducted by so-called moderate Muslim forces in Pakistan. This is the tide of time – years before when Syed Ahmed Shaheed along with Shah Ismail Shaheed (the grand son of Shah Wali Ullah) came to tribal areas (martyred at Balakot) now parts of Pakistan to fight against Ranjth Singh, the then ruler of Punjab, against his atrocities and anti-Muslims rule, had been welcomed by all with open hands especially Pashtuns.


Today, this is a well known fact that religious figures couldn't be able to win elections – just based on their performance. Failure of religious forces to gain land-slide victory in any of Pakistani elections is a dream since last 50 years and with present environment this is almost next to impossible!


Osama bin Laden, if he & his associates had done the destruction of Trade Centre twin towers as there are number of other theories too against the fall of these buildings, probably with this action a new foundation has been laid – differentiation between Muslim and non-Muslim. Pre 9/11 the differentiation factor was mere nationality especially in USA or West but post 9/11 the meaning has been changed. Even with British passport but a Muslim has been looked upon with suspicion and the common question of immigration authorities is as 'where have you born?' no matter which passport you carry – reflects a new world!


This new world is the legacy of George Bush, who had initiated it and the presence of Robert Gates, defence secretary, in Obama's administration indicates that US anti-terrorist policy, which is now anti-Muslim, would continue as usual without any 'change' slogan. Though Musharraf, who had lost his courage against Americans in only one phone call, but both Hamid Karzai & Asif Zardari know that they have been installed at the driving seats to implement this policy in their respective countries with full religious zeal for fervour. Even if Karzai throws his cap in front of Richard Holbrooke it wouldn't mean that the iron fist of USA would be little easier at him with a hammer of 'do more' as they haven been given chance to be more subordinate then any one!


Pre 9/11, Americans were thought to be more liberal towards Islam than the then USSR (now Russia) and China in terms of personal religious right however Afghan (with their centuries old traditions) turned out to be more resistive than any Vietnamese and after sacrificing hundreds of thousands of civilians in Afghanistan the hopes of a common Afghani is still high even though his stomach is free from any US-cultivated wheat. Could US army win the hearts of common Afghanis, this is a dream which will never come true! Likewise, the Arab blood is still cheap in Iraq, the top oil producing country once, is still lingering towards stability. US & Allied armies came to a level of killing innocents.


With the advent of USSR in Afghanistan in 1979, Afghans came forward with a view that they are going to resist foreign invasion of their homeland. Out of their sacrifice, their main theme somehow transformed in coming years that they would formed an Islamic system of governance in Afghanistan, once USSR would fail. American vision during those days was to counter the growing influence of communism in that region and hence they came forward to help poor Afghans. These two visions were far apart from each other, and it became evident that in 1988, America has turned his direction towards opposite side and blue-eyed boys, once termed as the "George Washington" of Afghanistan, became the worst enemies.


Even before Osama bin Laden, Syed Qutub Shaheed's thoughts have been progressed so far and taken the ground in pan-Islamism. Abdullah Ezzam's approach towards Jihad had paved the way for the unification of Arab freedom fighters under one banner and hence Osama's wealth had put all of them together till Afghan jihad lasts and new era of conflict is bron with USA!


Holy Prophet (peace be upon) life is having two aspects – pre migration and post migration. In Makkah he & his followers were bearing all the atrocities of Arab lords (kuffar) and after migration to Madina, a new era was born. An Islamic state was established (after setting up brotherhood between those who were Madina's native (Ansar) and those who came from Makkah, Muhajreens) and then Holy Prophet had established a system of government. The first appearance of this Islamic government was the writing of 'letter' to Kings & rulers the world and asking them to embrace Islam. By Islam, it was then meant, that we, Muslims, have formed an ideal society in our part of world where our basis is equality, justice, and prosperity by worshiping only Allah (following the teachings of Quran only) and the guidance provided by Holy Prophet.


A question here is that; Islamic elements or Pro Jihad forces, within the influence of their tribal culture, are trying to form an Islamic State in Pakistan? If so, then what tools have been used in this process – suicide attacks or killing of innocents by detonators – are justified? Religious forces of future, especially active in politics of Pakistan, shall be facing another dilemma once they go back to common men to convince them towards Islam or forming an Islamic state!