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Managing Jihad or Jihadi Organisation by Nadia Khan

Managing Jihad or Jihadi Organisation

by Nadia Khan


Jihad is part of every Muslims life – no matter he or she prays five times a day or not or fast in Ramadan or pays his or her Zakat (2.5% of tax) on extra wealth at the end of every year or his appearance is as per religious guidance. No matter, he is obliged to perform Jihad in his daily life, some time fighting against social evils by pen or by words, or raising voice for depressed communities of society, or even taking care of his old parents. All are considered as Jihad and every Muslim is in Jihad at all the times.


US society also differentiates among these things – for helping old parents they had formed ‘Old Houses.’ For voice, the powerful media is there and for helping depressed communities they have a fancy word ‘democracy’ to elect their rulers and hence these rulers will help them. However, they forgot to identify the nomenclature of Pakistani society where ‘democracy’ is hijacked by feudal and in elections all depressed have been forced to vote for their landlords. There are few exceptions and TV dramas of 80s of Ashfaq Ahmed, Asghar Nadeem Syed or Noorul Huda Shah would throw some light on that feud-democratic culture.


The hardcore teachings of Sufi Muhammad or his like-minded fellows that ‘democracy is un Islamic phenomenon’ is probably due to the fact that Islamic system of governance is based on Shura (consultation by a group of sincere Muslims who decide the selection of ruler and individual Muslims are not entitled to cast vote) and the painful history of democracy in Pakistan has taught a lesson that due to ‘democracy’ nothing had changed since over five decades. However such passive voices could be termed as voices of frustrated individuals who had failed to motivate masses and to divert young generation towards the peaceful teaching of Islam.


The failure of successive, but short, democratic governments in Pakistan in late 80s and 90s era, had paved the way towards the frustration of individuals especially having religious–ruler ideology (The System of Khilafat) as the only philosophy to counter the ever-changing world. Having this true approach, but only by words, and without any home work at ground, means without any motivation of masses, all have worked out short term solution to topple the government and take control of the rule of the country. With the fall of USSR in Afghan Jihad, many of the religious personalities had tasted the good taste of ruling the country – Gulbadeen Hekmat Yaar had rose to the level of Premiership, even for a very short period – individuals in Pakistan thought to worked out the same philosophy in Pakistan.


Late Haq Nawaz Jhangwvi, was the first among very few religious figures, who had won the landslide victory in Jhang, against the Shia elements of the area and had started raising his voice, predominantly against Shia community as per his own understanding of Islam contrary to his Sunni school of thought that killing of Shais is allowed. He wasn’t fully endorsed by all Deubandi religious scholars openly, but this had resulted a fierce battle within the area among Sunnis and Shias until international community got involved. Killing of number of Shia doctors in Karachi in late 90s & early 2000 had indicated that this phenomenon clearly that the mastermind of killers was a hardcore non-Pakistani Sunni and willing to settle his factional-hatred through other hands in Pakistan . Since, then number of smaller or relatively unknown organisation came to knowledge and most recent is Jund Ullah fighting against the Shais of Iran .


Even though, Japanese are the main originator of Suicide attacks from the cores of Pearl Harbour , but now Taliban is termed as the owner of this product. By knowing the enemies surrounding Pakistan, it is not clear that only Taliban fighters are using this tactics to pressurize the most-weak Zardari-led government of Pakistan, to topple it in the name of ‘law & order’ but this remains the fact that most inappropriate Interior Minister Rehman Malik is raising his voice against Taliban only. Even the smoke & debris of any suicide attack is still alive & not reaching the sky, the British-business owned minister blames that ‘all roads go to Waziristan ’ indicates his inability to identify the culprit. Catching the real culprits is out of his ministry reach! His own colleague, religious minister is shot-injured but Rehman Malik’s ministry is not able to catch the culprit. Sri Lankan team was attacked in Lahore and Interior Ministry was blaming the religious organisations of Punjab until the Sri Lankan President has informed PM Gilani that it is having Tamil Tigers (LLTE) hands. The list of interior ministry failures goes on!


That’s a common perception that if Taliban wants to kill innocent Pakistanis in masses, one of the suicide attackers could come to crowded shopping malls or bazaars in Karachi or Lahore and explodes him. The casualties would be much more than their current targets at Police or Army or law enforcement locations. There’s a need to understand the suicide-bomber philosophy of Taliban; what’s their target and why are they targeting only law enforcement agencies! The emotions of hatred or revenge pop up in hearts only. The tradition of any tribal culture reveals this fact every now & then. As long as tribes have been targeted by US attacks (from the skies only through drones) and their children have been killed on ground, the emotions can’t be controlled. A man who has lost his family can only be fit for giving his life by taking hundred of lives – suicide bomber!


Another view, as suicide-bombing product is readily available, so those International forces who have common interest in destabilizing Pakistan , may take up this product to blame others. As Taliban is all time having bad name due to US propaganda (equally followed by Indian media too) than anyone could blame Taliban for anything that might not be on their credit. There are some fanatic groups also, who claim themselves as part of Taliban or Al Qaida and operating in Pakistan , for their ulterior motives, some time takes the responsibility of something that none of the practising Muslim could ever think off. Former Ameer of Jamat e Islami, in one of his TV interview with Nadeem Malik, reiterated that the suicide attack at International University , where more than 5 innocent girls have been killed, wasn’t an action of any Jihadi organisation, requires more attention and investigation to reveal the truth.


To counter all such doubts, a powerful interior ministry is the need of Pakistan federal government; who in addition to protect people of Pakistan but to identify all the hidden forces working against Pakistan – be it Taliban or any one from cross borders!

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