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Tragedy of Islamic Forces! by Nadia Khan

Pakistan Today: Tragedy of Islamic Forces!

By Nadia Khan (from Swat, Pakistan)


As the Army Operation begins in Waziristan against the Islamic elements, predominantly Uzbeks, residing in adjoining areas of Afghan border with Pakistan and now termed as the centre of all evils, by the Interior Minster of Pakistan, I've always been questioning myself, "what has happened since 1989 when blue-eyed boys (Afghan mujahdeen) became the worst enemies of USA?" Sometimes the former stance of Awami National Party (ANP) or Asfandyar Wali appears to be true as "US had used Afghans and Pakistanis during Afghan –War while combating against USSR." Unfortunately, same ANP & Asfandyar Wali in 2009 is now in the corridors of White House while the Kerry-Lugar bill was presented and approved!


At foreign policy front, Taliban were the blue-eyed boys of Pakistan army as well as civilian govts including the govt of most-moderate women of Pakistan – late Benazir Bhutto. Pakistan was one of three among those who had accepted the Islamic govt of Taliban including Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates. Religious respect has been vanished and now you could observe on many of TV channels showing terrorists-caught are those having full beard and look like religious personals.


This aspect has impacted Pakistani society where the respect of religious figures or those who bear the religious outlook (like wearing non- Western dress code or Shalwar-Qameez, Islamic cap, or growing beard, their female members offer veil etc) was undisputed some time back. They were the symbol of religious phenomenon and Molvi or Mufti (Islamic scholars, Muazzan of mosques or those who conduct teachings of Holy Quran either at Madrasshas or at homes privately) was the respected element of Pakistani society. Post 9/11, the terms have been changed.


The word 'terrorist' is so frequently used for religious personalities as sometimes I feel that the Molvi sahib who comes to my house to teach Holy Quran to my sisters' kids, is may be a terrorist. This all is the result of mass-propaganda conducted by so-called moderate Muslim forces in Pakistan. This is the tide of time – years before when Syed Ahmed Shaheed along with Shah Ismail Shaheed (the grand son of Shah Wali Ullah) came to tribal areas (martyred at Balakot) now parts of Pakistan to fight against Ranjth Singh, the then ruler of Punjab, against his atrocities and anti-Muslims rule, had been welcomed by all with open hands especially Pashtuns.


Today, this is a well known fact that religious figures couldn't be able to win elections – just based on their performance. Failure of religious forces to gain land-slide victory in any of Pakistani elections is a dream since last 50 years and with present environment this is almost next to impossible!


Osama bin Laden, if he & his associates had done the destruction of Trade Centre twin towers as there are number of other theories too against the fall of these buildings, probably with this action a new foundation has been laid – differentiation between Muslim and non-Muslim. Pre 9/11 the differentiation factor was mere nationality especially in USA or West but post 9/11 the meaning has been changed. Even with British passport but a Muslim has been looked upon with suspicion and the common question of immigration authorities is as 'where have you born?' no matter which passport you carry – reflects a new world!


This new world is the legacy of George Bush, who had initiated it and the presence of Robert Gates, defence secretary, in Obama's administration indicates that US anti-terrorist policy, which is now anti-Muslim, would continue as usual without any 'change' slogan. Though Musharraf, who had lost his courage against Americans in only one phone call, but both Hamid Karzai & Asif Zardari know that they have been installed at the driving seats to implement this policy in their respective countries with full religious zeal for fervour. Even if Karzai throws his cap in front of Richard Holbrooke it wouldn't mean that the iron fist of USA would be little easier at him with a hammer of 'do more' as they haven been given chance to be more subordinate then any one!


Pre 9/11, Americans were thought to be more liberal towards Islam than the then USSR (now Russia) and China in terms of personal religious right however Afghan (with their centuries old traditions) turned out to be more resistive than any Vietnamese and after sacrificing hundreds of thousands of civilians in Afghanistan the hopes of a common Afghani is still high even though his stomach is free from any US-cultivated wheat. Could US army win the hearts of common Afghanis, this is a dream which will never come true! Likewise, the Arab blood is still cheap in Iraq, the top oil producing country once, is still lingering towards stability. US & Allied armies came to a level of killing innocents.


With the advent of USSR in Afghanistan in 1979, Afghans came forward with a view that they are going to resist foreign invasion of their homeland. Out of their sacrifice, their main theme somehow transformed in coming years that they would formed an Islamic system of governance in Afghanistan, once USSR would fail. American vision during those days was to counter the growing influence of communism in that region and hence they came forward to help poor Afghans. These two visions were far apart from each other, and it became evident that in 1988, America has turned his direction towards opposite side and blue-eyed boys, once termed as the "George Washington" of Afghanistan, became the worst enemies.


Even before Osama bin Laden, Syed Qutub Shaheed's thoughts have been progressed so far and taken the ground in pan-Islamism. Abdullah Ezzam's approach towards Jihad had paved the way for the unification of Arab freedom fighters under one banner and hence Osama's wealth had put all of them together till Afghan jihad lasts and new era of conflict is bron with USA!


Holy Prophet (peace be upon) life is having two aspects – pre migration and post migration. In Makkah he & his followers were bearing all the atrocities of Arab lords (kuffar) and after migration to Madina, a new era was born. An Islamic state was established (after setting up brotherhood between those who were Madina's native (Ansar) and those who came from Makkah, Muhajreens) and then Holy Prophet had established a system of government. The first appearance of this Islamic government was the writing of 'letter' to Kings & rulers the world and asking them to embrace Islam. By Islam, it was then meant, that we, Muslims, have formed an ideal society in our part of world where our basis is equality, justice, and prosperity by worshiping only Allah (following the teachings of Quran only) and the guidance provided by Holy Prophet.


A question here is that; Islamic elements or Pro Jihad forces, within the influence of their tribal culture, are trying to form an Islamic State in Pakistan? If so, then what tools have been used in this process – suicide attacks or killing of innocents by detonators – are justified? Religious forces of future, especially active in politics of Pakistan, shall be facing another dilemma once they go back to common men to convince them towards Islam or forming an Islamic state!

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