Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dead Bhuttos were more charismatic than alive Zardari? by Nadia Khan

Dead Bhuttos were more charismatic than alive Zardari?

By Nadia Khan


Soon the crack down started against Lawyers, Civil Society members, and political forces last night, the situation goes back to 1977 when combined opposition had refused to accept the results of rigged-elections and they demanded fresh & fair elections. Rest of Bhutto's story is in front of all with a saying that, "if Bhutto's judicial trial wasn't fair then today's opposition leader; Nawaz Sharif's trial is also not fair and if barring Nawaz from Politics is correct then Bhutto's hanging was absolutely justified because both are Supreme Court decisions!"


President Zardari has to learn from his father-in-law as how he had retreated against the then Opposition and agreed to fresh elections. Today not only Opposition, Civil Society, and major political forces are against of Zardari-dictatorial rule but media, especially electronic media, is portraying the real snap of President - a man who doesn't care about his promises and "weak" voices within his party like Aitazaz Ahsan, Raza Rabbani, & Yousuf Raza Gilani are watching the whole turmoil with patience!


With broad context – the lawyers' requirements are simpler than any political forces hidden agendas. Since its start they are not AGREEING to 2nd November 2007 actions of the then Army Chief due to later personal gains.


Would this mean that President Zardari – who had failed to secure 2/3 majority in both houses of Parliament – likes to validate 2nd Nov 07 acts like it was done in 8th and 17th amendments. The answer is, unfortunately, yes.


Would this mean that all the accusations of Mian Nawaz –as revealed by him recently against President Zardari, are correct? A business deal was offered to Sharif brothers whom they didn't like for some of their own motives!


If so then PPP CEC has a bigger problem. Within PPP, Zardari-Naiek-Khosa group is about to overrule everything even the accords and agreements which normally, political parties do, time to time, with others thus leaving "no-trust" situation for whole party structure. Similarly Aitazaz-Rabbani-Gilani group would fail to secure formidable role in near future. Other stalwarts like Jehangir Badar or Raja Pervaiz Ashraf, are unfortunately without any clear political vision, would provide their weight towards the powerbase only blindly. Today the new definition of PPP is a party that claims itself a strong supporter of independent judiciary, civil values, and democratic reforms since its inception and especially during late Benazir period, is changing its main nomenclature to a group of power-hungry politicians who could deviate the path of their founding fathers for a dictator.


Because late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto had left no option for countrymen to over throw him constitutionally, paved the way for military forces to move forward and had taken the country to storm for next 11 years. Likewise President Zardari had left no option to work out any possible solution (with his like-minded group of PPP workers) however he has to realize that "dead Bhuttos" were much more charismatic for PPP to gain power in 1988 & 2008. In Zardari case, he wouldn't be!!!!

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