Monday, March 9, 2009

Mastermind behind Sri Lankan team attack by Nadia Khan

Who is the main culprit – Sri Lankan team attack?

By Nadia Khan


As per media reports, when Jammat ud Dawah (JuD) / Lashker e Tayyaba (LeT) contacted to clarify their role in Sri Lankan team attack they have very strange answer, "We know that this attack would serve India more than any one, so we weren't there!" Further questioning was responded with strange facts, "We haven't missed our targets, even once, and this is a failed attack, so you could identify our role in it!"


By looking at the activities, horror skill sets, and commanding nature of attacks carried out so far by the terrorists including JuD/LeT it is safely said that, "normally they don't miss their targets especially when they carry suicide jackets."


The painful history has taught us that so far none of the suicide attacks, carried out by radical forces in Pakistan, were unsuccessful including high profile cases.


With this analysis, some more strange facts came to limelight:


1.       The duration of attack was 10 or 11 minutes only & terrorists preferred to run away as quick as possible

2.       Terrorists had missed the target – the bus – and they didn't open the fire at the tires of the bus why?

3.       Then only the bus could have stopped and terrorists could use the rocket-launcher easily

4.       Or they could capture the team players for their reasons


From various videos, it looks like that 'terrorists' have been given a task of indiscriminate firing only for few minutes and to run away from the scene leaving all their belongings especially suicide jackets (why were they not wearing them?) biscuits, bags, launcher, bullets, and large amount of ammunition in a car & rickshaw leaving a foot-print that they wanted to hijack the players bus.


TV reports say that there was only one mobile police van protecting the bus carrying Sri Lankan players and umpires and a traffic police sergeant was on a motorcycle clearing the way. Probably eight young terrorists were standing at the three sides of round about and moment the bus had reached the turning point they started firing at the front Police van & the bus. The firing went on for 10 or 11 minutes (8:35am till 8:46am) only and these terrorists dispersed in nearby lanes.


With first burst of fire on front Police van, those policemen sitting on front seats had received the bullets without getting chance to respond including the traffic sergeant who was suppose to clear the way for players bus. Policemen sitting at the back of same van responded the terrorists attack however as they were surrounded from three sides they couldn't do much. Meanwhile these terrorists moved away from the scene quickly. Two poor – one on motor cycle and one pedestrian caught in between this firing and lost their lives. God bless all of them including Shaheed policemen as they were the victim of someone's failed drama!


Surprisingly, the impatient governor Punjab has blamed the same group of terrorists who had carried out Mumbai attacks, within 2 hours while visiting the site. Later, his promise to publish the report within 24 hours didn't come true and it's getting delayed further. After that in the night time, Punjab Police confirmed that they had caught two of the terrorists, made the whole situation more suspicious.


Keeping the above mentioned facts in mind one can assume the quality of politicised Punjab Police investigations and it would be another "Closed File" case.


As the motive of this terrorism is not yet known, if some how it could be confirmed that terrorists target wasn't terrorism and real "requirements" were to divert the attention from the issues of Punjab then it would become a larger conspiracy against Pakistan. Wouldn't be possible, as Pakistan stake is at risk, either Pakistan Army's Military Intelligence (MI) or ISI could investigate this incident and unearth the local & foreign hands; probably Indian element RAW and its Pakistani associates!!!!

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