Thursday, March 12, 2009

Prime Minister Benazir Vs President Zardari by Nadia Khan

Prime Minister Benazir Vs President Zardari

By Nadia Khan


Though Rehman Malik's, former FIA director, administrative tactics to handle lawyers peaceful protest, have started late last night with the apprehension of number of civil society members, political activists, and leading lawyers all over Pakistan, but detention of famous women's right activist, Tahira Abdullaha becomes the first drop of rain, that will be a whistle of change in Pakistan ruling corridors. Even information minister, Sherry Rehman wasn't able to defend govt action against her.


Zardari loyalist in present PPP govt are trying to handle political issues -judiciary restoration, imposition of governor rule or disqualification of Sharif brothers- with the help of Police, the same police with which they were fighting –altogether- on streets just 18 months before during Musharraf's dictatorial regime. Now they are split into Zardari-Naiek-Khosa and Gilani-Rabbani-Baig groups.


There are two powerbases within present PPP govt – Prime Minister, helplessly, not authorized to exercise his Chief-Executive powers whereas Information, Economics, and Interior Ministries are under direct control of President Zardari through his own-chosen loyalists. This has resulted "funny" actions such as;


1.       As per media reports, Governor Rule in Punjab has been imposed in consultation with Prime Minister whereas internal reports say that Prime Minister Gilani is quite upset that "his name is used in media hand outs" and he wasn't taken in confidence or consulted


2.       Few of the civil society members were arrested even prior to the Long March. Prime Minister is excusing himself for such actions; whereas he is suppose to stop the execution of detention orders


3.       Few Zardari group's federal ministers in various TV talk Shows are defending President Zardari while denying that late Benazir Bhutto was in favour of Chief Justice restoration


4.       Funniest embarrassment came up when a TV anchor had replayed late Benazir's speech (10th Nov 07) outside Ifthikhar Chaudhry house in which she had categorically demanded restoration of 2nd Nov 07 judiciary including Chief Justice. The federal minister, who appeared to be Zardari's loyalist, in spite of Benazir's voice, claimed that Benazir in here speech only said "restoration of Chief Justice, she doesn't mean Ifthikhar Chaudhry!" This has made all the participants of programme to laugh loudly and caused more embarrassment for PPP & Zardari. Because Ifthikhar Chaudhry was made deposed and Dogar was the pet of a dictator!


Years before, few Indian media reports (can't be confirmed) suggest that, "there was a technical separation between the wife and the husband and they both used to live far apart – one in Dubai and other in New York with his pet dogs only!"


Sometimes, I ask myself, as why late Benazir Bhutto used to keep away her husband from politics after the failure of her 2nd term as Prime Minister? Is that so, to keep the problems of 160m poor souls & Pakistan as less as possible!

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