Sunday, December 25, 2011

Imran Khan with bunch of opportunists!

Since over a week when ex-colleagues of Musharraf are joining Imran's Tahreek e Insaaf, it was understood that military establishment is working out a safe govt for ex-President of Pakistan when he will come back in Jan 2012, as he says! The way he was made out, with full gaurd of honor, likewise he would be allowed to run politics in Pakistan in coming days!!!!

With the induction of Javed Hashmi, ex PML (N) leader, in PTI the canvass has expanded in way to diffuse the pro-establishment image of PTI. However the induction of Sardar Asif Ahmed Ali had made it clear that with the exception of Javed Hashmi the bunch of opportunist are getting around with a hope that “with the fall of Zardari regime, they will be the next choice for military establishment to form new govt as Nawaz Sharif is no longer a candidate for Pakistan’s powerful ruling establishment.” This dream is somehow very fancy till it painted properly for the people of Pakistan. In coming days the major debate for PTI-runners would to answer below questions because the painted picture is not getting all real colors!!!

Sardar Asif Ahmed Ali would sit with Azam Sawati on same table (in PTI,) as later has mentioned in his resignation & over many TV interviews that Sardar Asif was the most corrupt personality of Zardari regime as he had caught his corruption of 50 crore in plane-purchase scandal. Who will justify who, as Mr Sawati was right or Sardar Asif is an opportunist!

Until then Shah Mehmood was the foreign minister of PPPP-led govt, the nuclear apparatus of Pakistan were in safe hands. Since then he was not offered foreign ministry portfolio, the nuclear program (with the presence of President Zardari) is not in safe hands! Thats the only "output"of ex-foreign minister in his speeches!

Khursid Kasuri was running, supporting, and activating pro-US policies of Musharraf for number of years. Now he –under the banner of PTI & with patronage of Imran Khan- will run similar policy or different foreign policy with US, each one has right to ask this critical question of Pakistan's new foreign policy with US & NATO forces.

Peoples memory is not faded away from the episode of 12th May 2007 when a 'weak & ousted Cheif Justice' was not allowed to enter Karachi by a political party with the help of spy agencies. How Altaf Hussain, today, has accepted a “weak” political party to show off in his strong hold, Karachi? All this is possible with the help of a strong "hidden hand" who had asked MQM stunch founder to allow others to show up in Karachi, as part of a plan that PTI is a country-wide party. In reality, during elections, PTI will not be allowed to foster MQM's vote bank, as the deal brokered by the powerful spy agencies in Karachi.

So the whole "drama" is to paint Imran Khan's personality as a nation-wide leader, representing all four provinces of Pakistan, before assigning him highest assignemt in Islamabad in coming year!

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