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Jinnahpur - what MQM workers say about it! by Nadia Khan

Jinnahpur - what MQM workers say about it?

by Nadia Khan

Since then Brigadier (Retired) Imtiaz, one of the main beneficiary of ' failed' National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO), has appeared on number of TV channels and revealed that the story of Jinnahpur is fake and orchesterd by agencies, I became curious to know more about it. As it was made public by the army media wing (ISPR) during those days and later some controversy exist that it was taken back, I became more interested as what common men, muhajir activists, and Karachi residents say about it!

I was willing to know more about Jinnahpur, its plan, its dimensions, and finally its failure in 1992. As the issue just popped up again with the publishing of Syed Jamaluddin, a Germany based anti-Pakistan writer, books' "Divide Pakistan : To eliminate terrorism" formerly it was his petition for separate homeland for Urdu-speaking majority of Karachi, my requirement was to identify the root causes associated to this idea and its linkage with Muhajir Qoumi Movement, now Mutahidda, if there exists.

For this I have to go back to Karachi and find the people, who had witnessed 1992 army operation and who could open up their hearts about MQM of late 80s. In July 2009, when I landed in Karachi, I wouldn't know that this exercise would not limit to Karachi only and I would be travelling to far & wide and contacting people in search of truth by collecting bits & pieces from one continent to another,from number of MQM die-hard lovers to dissidents.

No one who had lived closer to Altaf Hussain or NineZero, would be able to speak the truth. Azeem Ahmed Tariq's family has left Karachi and workers close to him has been either killed or dispersed for reasons known to everyone. His words, portrait, or photos are no longer part of today's MQM rallies, literature, or media campaign! He is gone with the wind in today's MQM.

I started my work, based on the facts as what made late Azeem Ahmed Tariq away from Altaf Hussain's group that finally lead the events in a way to take his life! Was it purely security agencies cruel act or the forces behind Hisham uz Zafar, who was presented on PTV as the main accused of Azeem Ahmed Tariq's murder, nad now freed due to NRO, had conducted the crime of his own! After all he was MQM's chairman and his killers were not apprehended like the killers of Benazir Bhutto! Even it is stranger that today's MQM of Altaf Hussain is not interested in finding out the culprits. These dead or shaheeds of MQM, if Altaf group considers them as part of MQM, are covered under the rubble of NRO!

It took me a week or so to get connected with sympathizers of late Azeem Ahmed Tariq in today's MQM. Their out come surprised me more than any findings, even the discovery of Penicillin, as revealed by late Ashfaq Ahmed!

'He became the victim of Pakistan's love!' one of the workers informed me with grim voice.

For what? I asked vehemently

'He doesn't want to join the hands of foreign forces, when 1992 army operation was in progress and it was fiercely opposed by him.' one elderly worker responded with bitter tone.

That discussion was the tip of an iceberg of Jinnahpur. I started meeting more MQM workers to get know the facts, especially words those travel by hearts only, means worker to worker only, because to gather the hidden truth.

After two weeks of hectic search within the MQM-Karachi circles, I was able to find out only that 'the right person who knows more about Jinnahpur is Dr Imran Farooq and Saleem Shahzad was the one who had presented a Silver colour passport of Jinnahpur to one of his associate, when he was living in Dubai soon after his exit from Karachi during 1992 operation.'

Currently Dr Farooq lives in London and a bit away from Altaf Hussain's blessing, so I decided to approach him at later stage and same with Saleem Shahzad close associates who live in UAE and MQM workers in South Africa, if there's a need be!

One suggestion came to me is to 'contact Haqiqi senior members and they will know more about this fact.' I rejected this idea as talking to Haqiqi-group would not lead me towards truth due to number of political or factional-differences reasons. So I decided to continue my quest, as a common person for finding the truth about Jinnahpur from the common workers of MQM.

One fine morning, while talking to an old associate of Dr Imran Farooq in Al Karam Square, who had witnessed 1992 Army Operation, spend sometime in Karachi Central Jail & now distanced himself from the party, I was told that 'after 92 operation when Imran Bhai became cornered & left with no option then he had requested help from Indian Consulate Karachi. Number of his loyalist got India visa including Javed Bhai (famous Javed LangRa, who was killed during Naseerullah Babar operation). Worse moment was that, when we all were in a discussion (of same kind) in a house near North Nazimabad Block S, due to some tip off, the house became surrounded by Rangers & security forces. The fighting lasted for 4 hours and we -safely- moved away Imran Bhai in a water tanker from block S to a place in Malir. The discussion was all about seeking Indian Consulate Karachi help to recapture Karachi.'

This was a great piece of information, if true, from the mouth of an old MQM associate. So I can move on to my search little ahead. Within this context, readers would be reminded that Indian Consulate Karachi was closed during that period while Army Operation was being conducted.

After meeting with few of old MQM activists, who are now in their mid 50s and enjoying their survival after such operations, cleansing, & inter-party fights living mostly in Al Karam Square, near NineZero, and Azizabad, I wanted to dig some more ground in other urban parts of Sind as the proposed map of Jinnahpur includes Hyderabad, Meerpurkhas, and Nawabshah also. I was told that few gentlemen in Hyderabad could talk more on that subject. I became happy as getting closer to my target.

After 114km drive, when I reached Hyderabad, I was met by an old man, fairly old in his late 60s, who knows the stalwarts of former MQM and their pasts. He was off the view that 'today's MQM has betrayed the Muhajir community by not fulfilling its earlier promises and now diverting the attention towards Punjab.'

This was the argument; we discussed before, so I ignored it and wanted to know about the annexation of Karachi, first from Sind and later from Pakistan, if planned.

'What would be Muhajir's reaction living in Hyderabad (interior Sind), if MQM or Altaf Hussain one fine morning decides that 'it's enough to be with Pakistan?'' I had thrown my question with little care!

'We will listen to our leader, as he is the only one who is our torch bearer!' I was answered

'We have no other option, if PPPP fails to ensure our rights!' another answer came in

Indirectly this was endorsed by the Karachi Nazim, Mustafa Kamal when he made some surprising remarks and observations at the businessmen's dinner in Karachi on 11th July 2008 in honor of the then President Pervez Musharraf. He told the audience that they should not take their money away from Karachi because "if they return after six months or one year the region and its geography may not be the same."

He had made these comments in the presence of the then president Musharraf and the governor of Sind indicated something is being cooked out among MQM circles, if not Jinnahpur then what!!!

Before moving to my next destination, I decided to understand the approach of MQM activists, as how they see Karachi, if they will not be given their due rights. This barometer could be used as MQM or its activist love for Allama Iqbal, as I have came across few of MQM activists who openly defy this famous poet and the visionary of Pakistan.

For the first time in MQM 20 year's history, Altaf Hussain has directed MQM Rabita Committee members to present themselves at the tomb of Allama Iqbal on 9th November with garlands. This was the change and everyone in Punjab has to notice it. Either it was due to Gilgit-Biltistan elections or MQM-desire to enter Punjab, this is the barometer and one can check the level of MQMs love for Punjab or Punjabis. So, finally MQM has realized that Allama Iqbal is also a personality, who is symbolized as love with Pakistan, and whom MQM had ignored since ages.

My next destination was United Arab Emirates, where many of the exiled leaders of MQM had spent some time soon after their exit from Karachi during 1992 operation. When I entered Sharjah, I was told that Aamir Khan, the secretary general of Muhajir Qoumi Movement, used to live near Sharjah-Ajman border, close to Corel Beach Hotel. As he was not in my list of to-be-consulted, so I decided to keep away his aides still living here. Also the aides or Mateen Yousuf, deputy Mayor of Karachi when Farooq Sattar was the mayor, live in Dubai but they were not on my watch-list, so I ignored them.

I was finding out the person, who has been showed the passport of Jinnahpur in Dubai in 1992, as revealed by an MQM activist in Karachi. After a week long efforts, I was get connected with that 'gentleman' and upon his own request (for various reasons) I with held his name here. I was told that he is engaged in 'used-cars' export business in UAE since last 17 years and came here during 1992 operation. Next morning I was sitting in front of him, in his showroom, as a car buyer. In next few visits, he has opened himself and what he said, as part of his conversation with a buyer/Karachi-resident (I posed myself as a MQM lover), is mentioned below:

I left Karachi in 1992 with so much difficulty, first went to Lahore and then came here on a visit visa. Later, received some money through hawala and started this business.

Saleem Shahzad is my cousin and we both were involved in MQM activities together. When he came here in Sharjah, he had spent some months living with me only. He has changed himself, during those days, used to wear Arabic dress (Kandura) and went to Saudi Arabia visit for Umra also.I have seen a silver color passport also.

Both Muhajir & Sindhis can't live peacefully in Karachi and our ultimate target is to have a separate 'province' for Muhajirs and if there's no grant of Muhajir-province then we have no other option than a separate homeland!

This piece of info was more than enough for me to understand what is hidden at the back of the then-MQMs higher ups; their motives, failed action and future plans! The important tip which I got is that - after 1992 operation many of the MQM activists either fled to UAE, or Japan, or South Africa. Few of them, who already possess USA visa fled there and restarted their activities. Much of the used-cars business in UAE is under the hands of MQM activists.

My next route was London, where I could meet Dr Imran Farooq. His close supporters spoke differently about his party for that he has almost given his life and time. One view is that, 'he has been sent by agencies under the cover of an activist of Dawat e Islami (those who wear green turban) otherwise his exit from Pakistan was next to impossible. He is the one who is passing all party information to military agencies to counter party actions etc etc.'

Some say that his growing influence within the party has lead Altaf Hussain to sideline him otherwise party could ignore the founding-father. Whatever is the truth, this has given me an understanding that he might not be able to open himself especially when the matter of separating Karachi (or Jinnahpur) would come into discussion, so I decided to be away from him. Another reason, when one news piece came to my knowledge which was published recently and that wasn't denied by Dr Imran Farooq closed circles, is his frequent meetings with Indian security advisors; I decided to pack my bags without the interview-meeting.

When the plane took-off from Heathrow Airport, my mind was flying even higher than Emirates A-380, as how many forces are targeting Pakistan. Frontier corner is engaged with terrorists, though the blame goes to Taliban only but so far no thorough investigation has been carried out that could identify the real culprits behind suicide or bomb attacks, another corner is having number of angry Baloch youngsters' – living in Baluchistan or outside – demanding separation, Sind may come up to fire when Jasqam recent rally shouts slogans of Sindhudesh, and now a thought is in mind about annexation of Karachi as Jinnahpur!

What the founder of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah's soul would be thinking as his name is used to divide Pakistan!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009 - an open letter to Altaf Hussain

Dear All,

This is an open letter written to Altaf Hussain, founder of MQM, now termed as Mutahidda Qoumi Movement. It is really provoking thoughts especially for those who love Pakistan and would like to see their homeland out of all dangers - internal threats from within the so-called political parties!

It is being circulated in news, locally here in UK, that some elements of MQM UK are supporting this writer and fairly handsome donation is being passed to writer to continue his efforts against Pakistan.

MQM should clarify their stance on integrity of Pakistan and should openly denounce this letter, its contents and refrain themselves from the idea of Jinnahpur, which is resurfacing!!!

Nadia Khan

Dear Altaf Hussain Bhai

Please dont make any mistake for any short term benefit. Please stop giving excuses about your patriotism. Nobody in this PUNJABI PAKISTAN will ever believe you. The entire Urdu Speaking Nation depends on you and MQM for their existence in Pakistan. If there had been no ALTAF HUSSAIN or MQM, Urdu Speaking Nation would have been living like poor Palestinians living under Israeli siege with no external support. If there was no ALTAF HUSSAIN or MQM, people of Karachi would have never been able to attract the attention of the world community towards Karachi and its development undertaken by Mustafa Kamal who is none other than but an Urdu Speaking Resident of Karachi. Had there been no ALTAF HUSSAIN and MQM, all youth of Karachi would have been like ORPHANS. If ALTAF HUSSAIN was not born, Pakistani Army from Punjab would have vanished Urdu Speaking Nation in line with the agenda of Dictator AYUB KHAN who wanted to throw away Urdu Speaking Nation into the ARABIAN SEA. If there was no ALTAF HUSSAIN and MQM, Karachi would have become a colony of Urdu Speaking Nation in similar fashion like those AFRICAN BLACKS who are still treated as THIRD CLASS CITIZENS in United States of America. ALTAF HUSSAIN and MQM have given an immortal IDENTITY to the Urdu Speaking Nation.........the identity which NO PAKISTANI GOVERNMENT GAVE TO THEM IN LAST 62 YEARS for sure. Today, leaders of other political parties have acknowledged power of MQM and ALTAF HUSSAIN not because they really want to do this but because they want to save the remaining part of PAKISTAN. These political leaders very well know that Pakistan's existence depends on KARACHI and Urdu Speaking Nation. In 1988, it was Qaim Ali Shah who was PPP's nominated Chief Minister. In 2008 it is the same Qaim Ali Shah who is PPP's nominated Chief MInister. In 20 years, PPP could not produce a single politician to take charge as CHIEF MINISTER OF SINDH. This fact shows that all such political parties in Pakistan are basically run by feudals and their Masters in Uniform (Army). It was only ALTAF HUSSAIN and MQM which represented the masses.

Time has come for Pakistan to disintegrate. Please, please, please dont give your precious blood to this Pakistan which has finished its life and has become a land of terrorists which is being run with foreign aid conditional upon "specific services". Urdu Speaking Nation will never be acknowledged as part of Pakistan no matter what you say or believe. Pakistan has never been for us. Pakistan will never be for us. We need our own IDENTITY. We want freedom. Please dont throw us into the siege of Pakistani Army. Please dont become ANWAR SADAT or YASSER ARAFAT. Please dont become KING HUSSAIN of Jordan. Please dont become HUSNI MOBARAK. Please understand our needs and care for our future.

Dear ALTAF BHAI, if you die today, who will give us our own homeland?? We need our own homeland no matter what may happen to Pakistan. Baloch freedom fighters have not given up their struggle for freedom. Pakhtoons have not stopped thinking of their freedom. Sindhis also remember DR. G.M. SYED. So, why should URDU SPEAKING NATION become "PATRIOTIC" when we all know that we can never be considered as patriotic.


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