Friday, April 24, 2009

Altaf Hussain & 98% Oppressed Class representation! by Nadia Khan

Any political leader is judged by his or her actions, decisions, and gains for his or her party and the rest of the people, whom he or she represents.


Sheikh Rashid, former information & railway minister, is the live example of this old saying. He knows the art of “talks” or useless forecasts, however failed to win last elections, even in the ministerial slot. His actions denied his own words, so he had lost his indemnity in his home town – Rawalpindi !


Altaf Hussain is also another example of this saying. Though, a group of Karachi-youngsters likes him like a god or a ‘spiritual leader’ or a live saint who is their caretaker but with careful analysis it is clear that Altaf Hussain’s politics had not made any significant gains for Muhajir community.


Without being into much love of Altaf Hussain or anyone, look at the actions or decisions or negotiations, he had conducted or gets political advantages in last 20 years. With his “tireless efforts” he became the staunch-supporter of a military dictator for 8 years, acted upon his directives like an obedient lover! When he saw the change of wind; he has changed his own colour & direction, in the name of ‘saving Pakistan .’ God knows how many times Pakistan has to be saved by such political leaders?


1.      He has setup MQM - to curb quota system for Karachi residents (2%). Look at where Muhajirs are on this till today. It is remain there and endorsed by MQM in 1993 for 10 years, violating its own political bible!


2.      He was strong voice for Biharis repatriation - confined in Bangladesh after 1971 debacle. They are remain there after MQM many victories, even then having Sind governorship and few federal and provincial minister portfolios, MQM failed to get these patriotic Pakistanis repatriated.


3.      Muhajirs are very religious, mannered, educated and talented component of Pakistani society. MQM by being a secular party has diverted many of youngsters towards non-religious activities.


4.      MQM – Haqiqi, the splinter group of Mutahhida, has laid the foundation of unfair means in all examinations, starting from matriculation, college up till University levels. This has spoiled much of Muhajirs young generation in Karachi & Hyderabad .


It’s a well known fact that, to form a political party street power in needed. In Karachi and part of urban Sind , Altaf Hussain has sheltered all criminals especially during 1986-1993 to support the political activities of MQM. This is not just an accusation (by a Jamati or religious element), it became confirmed when MQM-Haqiqi had split from Mutahhida, and whole world came to know that how many notorious elements were hidden under MQM banner.


Beside other political reasons, one of the main reason to raise Taliban issue and take a hard stance against religious forces, is to keep MQM workers engaged. Otherwise, in today’s scenario, there is no issue pending for Muhajirs. So a dummy issue is crafted to keep the workers alive. That is Taliban scare in Karachi !


To counter Taliban arrival in Karachi , MQM has made the life miserable for number of Pathans & Pakhtoons daily-wages workers in various parts of the city. Be it s small fruit-seller cart or a worker who bakes bread (Roti) at Tandoor, or a labour who digs the roads for construction work, all have been asked to leave their work & small businesses in vicinities where Muhajirs dominate.


Is this a way – a political party, who claims to represents 98% of oppressed people, treats the depressed classes of our beloved country???

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