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Silly Friends of Peoples Party (PPP) or hypocrites by Nadia Khan

Silly Friends of Peoples Party (PPP) or hypocrites

By Nadia Khan


Beside twin brothers - Rahman Malik & Salman Taseer ill-advises and actions, there are number of "friends" of President Zardari whose advises have brought him to a stage where he became an isolated political individual who is losing ground quickly. Be it Raja Pervaiz Ashraf, Water & Electricity minister's loud political sermons or Farzana Raja's, chairperson Benazir support programme sharp criticism against opposition or newly appointed PPP information secretary Fauzia Wahab's senseless arguments in various TV talk shows, there are few individuals who pretended themselves as more loyal to party chairperson than the party policies or its late leader.


Late Benazir Bhutto wanted to restore deposed judiciary including CJ. Due to this factor each party member had shown clear inclination towards the restoration of deposed judges. Due to electronic media age all these positive opinions of PPP "silly friends" have been recorded and kept in archives for usage when needed. When Asif Zardari had decided to change his action plan then number of reasons has been crafted to deny the restoration of deposed judges. During this phase few PPP individuals have outclassed the concept of hypocrisy.


o         Newly "selected" Chairman Senate Farooq Naik, personal solicitor of late Benazir Bhutto and now Asif Ali Zardari, was a die-hard lover of deposed Chief Justice during Benazir period in late 2007 and after getting into the govt he was off the view that Ifthikhar Chaudhry is gone, he will not be restored. Whole Pakistan has witnessed his two speeches on Geo network – BEFORE and AFTER. He was the main architect of the idea to force deposed judges to take fresh oath and join the judiciary under Dogar SC as fresh appointments.


o         Parliamentary Affairs Minister (Dr) Baber Awan, when realized the powerful strength of long march soon after its start from Lahore became sick and admitted in PIMS hospital, was much furious against deposed CJ. His speech on 14th Mar 2009 in Parliament is still on record. He was the one who had coined the idea that "there will not be two chief justices and Justice Dogar is the only CJ of Pakistan." He has single-handedly suggested that only a constitutional amendment would restore deposed judges for which we need to accept the actions of 3rd Nov by Musharraf. Not sure, as how he will defend his pervious statements after the restoration.


o         Soft-spoken Sind Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah was one of them because he has to support his party co-chairperson Asif Ali Zardari only. His statements "How come Ifthikhar Chaudhry will be restored?" or "Just because of one man (deposed CJ) whole Pakistan is at stake" or "we will not allow lawyers to start off from Karachi or any part of Sind" are still there in newspapers and peoples mind.


o         Following his foot marks, deputy-speaker Sind assembly Sheila Raza, was at the fore front of biased statements against deposed CJ. In every TV talk show she used to defend Justice Dogar and advice deposed CJ to go abroad and allow PPP present govt to function peacefully.


o         Likewise, the state controlled electronic media PTV USA version was propagating President Zardari views only. Few PPP-minded veteran journalists in all PTV talk shows were kept on asking Nawaz Sharif to refrain himself and his PML (N) from lawyers' long march for the sake of Pakistan. God knows what was the best there!


o         TVONE network in Lucman Show, former provincial minister and PPP loyalist, has used much abusive language against deposed CJ by calling him as "Arsalan ka Bap (father of Arsalan, son of CJ) and most corrupt judge.


Surprisingly the moment deposed CJ is restored, all above personalities have changed their views and started admiring Ifthikhar Chaudhry. 17th March TV Talk Shows and Pakistani Newspapers are throwing their "changed views" candidly.


Sometimes, I ask myself, that Pakistani ruling class in terms of principles & patriotism, do they believe in "moral values" or they all are just running behind power for the sake of material benefits?

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