Thursday, March 26, 2009

Altaf Hussain – MRO for warring factions of MQM by Nadia Khan

Altaf Hussain – MRO for warring factions of MQM

By Nadia Khan


Now a days you might be noticing number of statements from Mutahidda Qoumi Movement's founder and patron in chief, Altaf Hussain, asking all the national politicians especially Nawaz Sharif, to refrain the politics of confrontation, adopt approach of reconciliation, and set aside all the political differences as Pakistan – now a days- is at the brink of turmoil and political chaos could trigger larger anarchy in the country.


While addressing a gathering organized in connection with MQM's silver jubilee celebrations, Altaf Hussain has remarked, "I will not abuse some one even if any body abuses me", he further added, "I am not against Nawaz Sharif". Altaf Hussain thanked the Almighty Allah that after timely decisions and actions of the government on March 15 the situation in Punjab has improved remarkably. He said that a civil war-like situation had been raging in two provinces of the country and prior to March 15 there had been chances that the situation in Punjab will deteriorate to a civil war. All the newspapers has published his silver jubilee remarks with golden ink and state-controlled PTV has telecasted his speech live.


Beside the differences, people from all walks of life had endorsed his positive comments against Governor Rule in Punjab and agreed to his long-awaited new approach.


Perhaps, the two warring factions of MQM (Haqiqi) deserve MQM leader's reconciliatory approach more than anyone in Karachi and Muhajir community. He should be more knowledgeable than anyone that Muhajir Qoumi Movement (MQM) Haqiqi is split in two groups – MQM Haqiqi (Afaq Group) and MQM Haqiqi (Amir Khan Group). Each faction claims that their party is the genuine MQM-Haqiqi after party elections on March 11, 2007. Amir Khan group bitterly criticised their "former chairman" Afaq Ahmed for adopting wrong policies, which, according to them resulted in the murder of over 387 party workers, the arrest of thousands and the sufferings of scores of women, children and elders. However, both factions agreed that Altaf Hussain's Mutahidda is their common enemy and they had unleashed a reign of terror against their workers and leaders since November 18, 2002, when State-sponsored terrorism was started against them. 'And on June 18, Mutahidda terrorists occupied the residence of one faction group chairman, Amir Khan, in Liaquatabad and robbed valuables. To date, the residences of the two leaders are occupied by terrorists. Yesterday only, Altaf Hussain has asked Sind provincial govt to refrain themselves from rebuilding the Bait ul Hamza – central head quarter of Haqiqi faction an equivalent place like 90 Aziza bad and the residence of Afaq Ahmed, former chairman of MQM (Haqiqi) and now the leader of his own faction.


News in Islamabad is in air that both factions of Haqiqi had contacted PTI Imran Khan and JI Qazi Hussain Ahmed to settle their disputes peacefully but no solution has been sought so far. During Musharraf era the Haqiqi leadership was arrested and its workers went underground while several of them killed when Mutahidda Qoumi Movement emerged as a strong ally of the former army General and it regained control of all Haqiqi-strongholds in Karachi. Soon after 18th February 2008 elections, PPP-led Sind govt encouraged the Haqiqi leadership to restart their political activities. Then both the Haqiqi factions led-by Afaq Ahmed and Amir Khan separately, re-started their political activities and held several press conferences, protest demonstrations and took out rallies in the city while they also started their normal activities in their previous strongholds including Landhi, Korangi, Shah Faisal Colony, Malir, Saudabad, Lines Areas and some other localities of the city.


However, it faced a setback when Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) parted ways from the ruling coalition, thus increasing the PPP's reliance on Mutahidda and now Altaf Hussain & Mutahidda is openly supporting PPP Co-chairman, Asif Ali Zardari, and both Haqiqi factions have been once again left in the lurch.


Within this context of Karachi, we would like to extend Altaf Hussain's Silver Jubilee speech as a document for peace and reconciliation, and would invite him, first, to play a father-figure role in Karachi to help re unite all the three warring factions of Muhajir community and MQM. As his party is one of the beneficiaries of NRO – National Reconciliation Ordinance, a document that paved the way for late Benazir Bhutto, Zardari and other political figures of Pakistan to get pardoned, Altaf Hussain could formulate a MRO – Muhajirs Reconciliation Order for his own ex-colleagues, friends, and partners like Amir Khan, Aafaq Ahmed and other stalwarts of late 80s Muhajir Qoumi Movement, to end up the long-standing rivalry.


This will help Muhajir community to reunite including few individuals who have been singled out in last few years - Aamir Liaquat Hussain, over issue, which indeed, Altaf Hussain also believes in sincerely – the respect of Holy prophet (Peace be upon him) and condemnation of British writer Salman Rushdie, the author of Satanic Verses!


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