Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Democracy - Only Way for Religious Parties in Pakistan!

Democracy - Only Way for Religious Parties in Pakistan! 
By Dr. Nadia Khan

For those religious figures in Pakistan who always dream about positive change in political environment, the only way out to manage democracy, without discarding it like Taliban vision of governance, is to find out way by making sincere political alliances and then over throw the corrupt regimes, if any.

Otherwise, using the same techniques to come to power like corrupt regimes, against whom they are guiding their disciples, make them no different than corrupt regimes. Such as usage of agencies help in Pakistani politics is as usual as Sun will rise tomorrow and since 1948 their role is not commendable - either bad or worse, that's the dirty mark on most of our political parties face.

Like Iranian revolution, while Shia holds many sects within their folds, the revolutionary leader Khomeni worked progressively without negating democratic norms, unified the youths - no matter Shai Islam- was banned during Raza Shah Pehalvi's regime and he made the history even before his arrival to the country.

Another example for Pakistani religious folks, is Egyptian Brotherhood (Ikhwan ul Muslaymeen), worked gradually to attract impartial majority towards their teachings and using democracy as a tool to take reigns of power. Those who know Egyptian society well, are aware that making its way, is quite time consuming process and convincing people about change - an Islamic change. Muhammad Mursi has setup an example for many countries and leaders to follow.

Rest of General Sisi history proved differently that - Western imperialism will not allow Islamic approach to form an Islamic State through democratic process!

Likewise, Dr. Tahir ul Qadri, in spite of his past political failures, could regain political strength if he distances his party from military assistance provided to weak political parties through agencies support & logistics cell to over throw corrupt regimes where democratic norms are required to be maintained as after the collapse of USSR and finding of Osama Bin Laden on Pakistani soil, a direct military rule in Pakistan is quite difficult to convince modern world for legitimacy.
Being the victim of past grievances, if any, Dr Qadri could make history, if able to attract masses through dedication to Pakistani poor people by being with them, whole heartedly accepting past election results -in good faith to avoid destabilization of Pakistan's political setup- and presenting a powerful message to masses that change is in air and could come once earth is ready to sow seeds!    

These few points were written down about Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) and for the followers of Dr. Tahir ul Qadri who were protesting against the gov and chanting slogans for Islamization. Unfortunately their show got failed as Dr. Qadri refused to work within frames of Pakistani Constitution, Judiciary, Governing Systems, and People wish.

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Anonymous said...

"Unfortunately their show got failed as Dr. Qadri refused to work within frames of Pakistani Constitution, Judiciary, Governing Systems, and People wish."

When? Without any evidence such words are complete lies.