Thursday, December 25, 2014

Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah....

This text is taken from BBC website, however text marked with red and blue color indicates some real facts - Qauid-e-Azam was strong supporter of Hindu Muslim unity, why this unity was deteriorated, & what was the role of Congress in 1937 elections.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah (1876 - 1948) 
Jinnah was an Indian politician who successfully campaigned for an independent Pakistan and became its first leader. He is known there as 'Quaid-I Azam' or 'Great Leader'.
Mohammed Ali Jinnah was born on 25 December 1876 in Karachi, now in Pakistan, but then part of British-controlled India. His father was a prosperous Muslim merchant.
Jinnah studied at Bombay University and at Lincoln's Inn in London. He then ran a successful legal practice in Bombay. He was already a member of the Indian National Congress, which was working for autonomy from British rule, when he joined the Muslim League in 1913. The league had formed a few years earlier to represent the interests of Indian Muslims in a predominantly Hindu country, and by 1916 he was elected its president.
In 1920, the Indian National Congress launched a movement of non-cooperation to boycott all aspects of British rule. Jinnah opposed this policy and resigned from the congress. There were by now profound differences between the congress and the Muslim League.
After provincial elections in 1937, the congress refused to form coalition administrations with the Muslim League in mixed areas. Relations between Hindus and Muslims began to deteriorate. In 1940, at a Muslim League session in Lahore, the first official demand was made for the partition of India and the creation of a Muslim state of Pakistan. Jinnah had always believed that Hindu-Muslim unity was possible, but reluctantly came to the view that partition was necessary to safeguard the rights of Indian Muslims.
His insistence on this issue through negotiations with the British government resulted in the partition of India and the formation of the state of Pakistan on 14 August 1947. This occurred against a backdrop of widespread violence between Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs, and a vast movement of populations between the new states of Pakistan and India in which hundreds of thousands died.
Jinnah became the first governor general of Pakistan, but died of tuberculosis on 11 September 1948.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Balochistan and the Baloch quagmire ...

Balochistan is burning since long though killing of Sardar Akber Bugti during Musharraf regime fueled it to an extent that political forces found no way to settle Balochistan issue peacefully. Uprising of liberation movements claims majority of Baloch support though election results present a balanced portrait. As long as province is under the tight grip of security agencies and superior judiciary in limbo to deliver strict verdicts in case of 'missing persons' liberation movements would continue to take ground!

Carleton University, Canada had summed up the situation of violence-hit Balochistan from neutral perspective. Their analysis is available at
Below shared Farman Kakar's analysis and University unbiased views threw some more light for a way to move forward for peaceful Balochistan! (Dr Nadia Khan)

The Baloch quagmire 
By Farman Kakar
With a Baloch nationalist party leading a coalition government in Balochistan, it is a historic opportunity to address the Baloch grievances.
The Baloch quagmire
For the last eleven years, parts of Balochistan are in throes of Baloch separatism. Baloch militancy is the result of growing frustration with democratic avenues as means to the ethnic community multifarious woes. Although the Baloch riddle also has a strong economic component, resolving the political question first serves as a good starter for eventual solution of Baloch grievances.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014



Sindh is the second largest province of Pakistan, where i born, grown up, studied and used to work for many years.

By Aftab Hassan Khan


By nature Sindhis are a very loving, polite & generous nation. They love their land, home and fields and, in most cases, do not want to leave Sindh.. The roles that women take on in society are very important: they are mothers, sisters and wives. But, too often, being a woman in the Sindhi society is a thankless task, and often very dangerous.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Operation Zarb-E-Azb or a call for new dictator.....

These few words are penned down based on Raja G Mujtaba's article 'Zarb-e-Azb: A National Aspiration' available at his blog Opinion Maker ( Raja sahab is an ex-Army officer, thinker, true Pakistani, and avid Social Media user. Beside there are points raised in his article, which requiring factual perspective to be in place, so my comments are presented for each of his points need attention.

Off all the topics in Pakistani media, civil-military relationship is always of an interesting & thrilling nature as it sound of military boots are being heard, shaking civil government, and putting entire administration on halt under the shades of doubts & chaos; 'what will happen now.' Civil governments, since 1958, are always under such threats because they were toppled by military dictators leaving behind 34 years of military rule out of total independent years of 65. This is almost above 50% of time consumed under dictatorial rule in an independent Pakistan. From within this context whenever there's a voice raised to bring back Pakistan Armed Forces within the frame work of running the country's civil administration, there's always eye-brows raised. Currently Armed Forces are conducting a military operation; Zarb-e-Azb,  operation clean up against terrorists who had captured Pakistan tribal areas especially North Waziristan belt. Echoes of success of operation are heard unilaterally, stories of individual soldiers embracing martyrs are published or tele-caste daily, and recovery of large cache of weapons & Indian currency is being presented to entire nation. Within that success, few question would arise automatically. Here they are in the form of my words.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Jang Group: Hate Business and Social Media....

Social Media is today's platform of communication; a countless array of internet based tools that increase and enhance the sharing of information within seconds. Since many years, Social Media has rapidly grown in social and political activism in its different forms. It provides new ways to stimulate citizen engagement in social and political circles of common man's life especially where elections and electoral campaigns have a central role. But it also turned out a platform where 'hate-speeches' could be delivered and abusive material could easily be uploaded as we have seen since 19th April in case of Pakistan's press history. 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Democracy - Only Way for Religious Parties in Pakistan!

Democracy - Only Way for Religious Parties in Pakistan! 
By Dr. Nadia Khan

For those religious figures in Pakistan who always dream about positive change in political environment, the only way out to manage democracy, without discarding it like Taliban vision of governance, is to find out way by making sincere political alliances and then over throw the corrupt regimes, if any.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

MQM (Altaf) - a confused group!

Even after NSC meeting, air is still vibrant with General Raheel's statement notifying Pakistan Army's stance over General (R) Pervaiz Musharraf trail under article 6. His emphasis on maintaining Army's grace on own is understood in all corners of Pakistan but the reaction of MQM was 'fantastic.' Initially they were unable to understand ISPR press release as to what is said but after sometime their traditional instincts guided them to twist the situation along with media partners to an extent where PMLN went on to back foot. 

Beside their recent Army Solidarity Rally, which was originally arranged to favor Pervaiz Musharraf upon the directive of 'hidden hands' trying to gain some political support for retired Army general, you still may find MQM lovers fighting over Social Media in favor of Musharraf without knowing the cause of their love for him except only argument that 'he's Mohajir that's how being tried in court!' Neither Altaf Hussein nor his Rabita Committee members presenting any solid argument in favor of Musharraf to avoid his trials' further proceedings.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

KARACHI - A generation killed, a generation spoiled; 1984-2014

Last month in a meeting, when I asked one of my Arab friend about the state of youth in her country - mostly engage in immoral activities, she replied that 'all is done purposely and youth are pushed to that direction.' I was surprised, asked 'why?' She looked at me as if I am ignorant about their state of affairs and responded, 'if they are engaged in educational and healthy political social activities, first they will ask why are we ruled by a single family since ages, who made us slaves? That's how they are being pushed to that state by the rulers -purposely- to keep them diverted in a direction that keep their mind away from positive thinking."

Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Dilemma of Jamat e Islami (JI) - 2014

By Dr. Nadia Khan

Since then Jamat e Islami (JI) has declared Hakeem ullah Mehsud, most wanted terrorist, as martyr and made a statement by their Amir, Syed Munawar Hassan, that people like Osama Bin Laden (OBL) never dies, it became evident that the path of JI is diverted from their original direction. Because, there wasn't any need to issue such statements for such disputed personalities.

Originally JI and its founding fathers had dreams about a group of pious people who become symbol of truth, sincerity, righteousness, and promotes likewise qualities all over the world. JI's new hero, OBL, in reality, used Pakistani land & human resources to counter USambush in Afghanistan and made Pakistan as battle field for his own motives. Whereas Tahreek e Taliban Pakistan(TTP) is yet to be accepted as a common force of Pakistani origin, never they had endorsed constitution of Pakistan, nor accepted sovereignty of the land they belong to!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Pakistani Politics in 2014 - You are with whom; A or B?

Pakistani Politics in 2014 - You are with whom; A or B?

Couple of days before, one of my very respected friend who is like a mentor to me, had sent this image to myself & posted onto his Yahoo-Group, with a view that he is inclined towards group A mentioned above depicting various religious personalities in favor of dialogue with TTP. Group B is thought to be on devil's path against the right path of Islam & against any negotiation with Taliban group. This division is based on a fact that an Army operation is warranted against Pakistani Taliban (TTP) or not! Taliban past track record is open as how many accords they had violated and how they are dealing with innocent Pak Army soldiers their official organ UMAR TV is presenting it openly!