Monday, December 23, 2013

Thank you Munawar Sb, you made Jamaat a mere participant of political circus!

Please look at this photograph which was taken today on the occasion of Pakistan Tahreek Insaaf (PTI) protest against price-hiking in Pakistan that was conducted on 22nd Dec 2013. May be it has no significance for Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi or Javed Hashmi or Shaikh Rasheed Ahmed or they feel proud while standing with Imran Khan, who somehow managed to secure the ruling rights in one province of Pakistan, or even for Imran Khan himself as he is just staging another political drama to continue to feed his workers as 'PTI mandate was stolen!'.

But it has real significance for Munwar Hassan or for those who belong to Jamat e Islami (JI) or for those also who oppose secularism and like to see religious political parties, at least Jamaat is free from mass corruption, thriving.

Since over 65 years Jamaat & its Ameers stand with all political parties of Pakistan either to resist the tyranny of an Army leader or to secure democracy but that remained be its focus to stay away from corrupt feuds or immoral characters of Pakistani politics. Today credit goes to Syed Munwar Hassan, ameer of JI,  who has turned a hardcore religious political party, that is known for moral uprightness and cultural values, into a political circus that Syed Abul Alaa Maududi had never thought off during the formation years of Jamaat.

Shah Mehmood was the former foreign minister of Pakistan Peoples Party (and has no religious significance except he is the care-taker (sajjada nasheen) of a tomb in Multan) and Jamat e Islami, since last 45 years is the only true rival of PPP secularism.

Javed Hashmi, was the former leader of Muslim League but initiated his political career with prayers of Syed Maududi, and all know that under his stewardship what Muslim League (N) had done with Jamaat and its workers in Punjab when Vajpayee, former Indian Prime Minister, had visited Lahore.

Shaikh Rasheed, as the former federal minister of culture, had promoted filth and dirt. I assume Jamaat must be true opponent of personalities like Shakih Rasheed who bears no moral value, even it is Reema or Veena Malik and Shaikh Saheb relationships with immoral personalities since ages.

Whole world knows the flamboyant past of Imran Khan and how he betrayed Qazi Hussain while joining a political party but later took his own way. Jamaat must be renouncing the past of Imran Khan, be it Seetawhite or Jamiema Goldsmith.

Munwar sb, your presence in this photograph is out word and indescribable. Do we assume that Jamaat under your stewardship is real companion of these culprits!!!

If your answer is yes then we would say 'Thank you, you've transformed a fantastic religious faction into a participant of mere political circus!'

Great job and well done - Ayub, Bhutto, and secular forces of Pakistan since over 60 years failed to turn Jamaat e Islami into what you had done today!

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