Monday, December 19, 2011

Imran Khan - Rising star or old wine - Part 2

Beside, the controversial-past, one would have to have a powerful plan, a home work based on powerful thought-processing and finally a team of excellent team members to support the idea of change. Could Imran Khan & his Pakistan Tahreek Insaaf is possessing this basic quality. We would run a brief look at it.

Pakistan is facing number of critical issues, the integral one is terrorism. By terrorism it is understood that “anyone who is against of USA or US allies in West and consider its policies in Afghanistan or Iraq as against basic norms and willing to express his anger against these biased policies in any form is considered as terrorist or a resource who provokes terrorism.”

Imran Khan while raising his voice against drone attacks in Pakistani tribal areas never express his anger emphatically over USA as “rightly commented” by US ambassador to Pakistan that “Imran is not against USA,” creates more doubts than clarification for fellow countrymen. US ambassador statement came up when in recent past; November-December Imran Khan quietly visited US state department and expressed his views in Washington, known to very few people in Pakistan or within his party circles.

What if, Imran Khan becomes the Prime Minister of Pakistan, as dreamed by his followers even in day time, his policies would never be different as his predecessors like Pervaiz Musharraf or Shaukat Aziz or Asif Ali Zardari. What could be the proposed change from him, would Pakistan see in coming days when he will acquire power? Nothing more than few strong speeches by him and in close corridors explanation to USA state department about his clarification or in local media as “my statement in press or electronic media is not presented in its true spirit.”

I assume that it was the approach when “so called” Prime Minister of Pakistan didn't attend the public-meeting arranged by 40 religious parties in Lahore two days before, not to pass a wrong message to USA at this critical time, when President Zardari PPPP-led govt is shacking due to a small piece of paper penned by an American!

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