Thursday, December 29, 2011

Imran Khan and issues of Pakistan!

Pakistan is facing number of critical issues, the integral one is Baluchistan . Unfortunately, since over last two decades this far flung province is run by Frontier Constablery (FC), a powerful agency of military establishment. Hence the democratic process is also at the feet of this agency, and the out come of this type of dictatorial ruling is "missing persons, dead bodies of young Baloch, mid night raids, etc." This has resulted that national anthem of Pakistan is a banned item in that territory and national flags are visible at military installations only. Imran Khan or PTI with soft corner for military establishment is not having any political roots in Baluchistan, though they announced their 3rd public meeting at Quetta on 23rd March 2012 but the wounds could be mend as they are thought! The mood with Baloch youngsters, to apprehend Pervaiz Musharraf for the killing of Sardar Akber Bugti, is quite visible in Baluchistan & known to Imran Khan and all political forces. Hence, like other Pakistani political parties including Mian Nawaz Sharif or President Zardari, Imran Khan's PTI would not be able to convince angry Baloch youngsters in coming years until they bring former dictator to court of law for killing of Bugti. This is a dream that couldn’t come true as long as political parties are using “hidden hands” of military establishment for their own power-gain game!

Second, the polarized Pakistani society where terrorism is evolved through sectarianism is the new dimension of concentration and work. Taleban factor has reached at its peak in Pakistani territory rather than Afghanistan . This requires great balance between the Universities educated elites of Pakistan and the conservative Madrasa students who –time & again- support Afghan Taleban and consider them as future saviour of Pakistan with an assumption that religious association could bring “revolution” in Pakistan . These are two extremes, none of the political leader of Pakistan , in last two decades, was able to bridge this gap or bring two-arch rivals together for the sake of Pakistan . Could Imran Khan, with his pro-West background, be able to work in this direction? The answer as of today is no. Imran Khan has raised his Taleban thoughts with the condemnation of US policies however it is quite visible today that he is aligning himself with those who had handed over Dr. Afia Siddiqui to US authorities in past. This contradiction could result in the form of great loss for PTI or Imran Khan in coming years!

Third, corruption is the trademark of Pakistani society. It is not linked to politicians only. Various govt departments are symbolized as most corrupt in recent Transparency International report, however they have delinked Pakistan Military forces from corruption but this is not true. Starting from financial, moral, nepotism, until abuse of authority or making wrong decision on behalf of Pakistani nation, all are considered as part of it. How Imran Khan or PTI or any other political force that could win upcoming general election could root them out, that’s the main question of today. No one is having proper plans to deliver in this direction. For example, the current Zardari regime has designated mostly corrupt authorities as part of their “pleasing plan for Jiyalas” in all the major institutions of Pakistani establishment with the exception of Justice (R) Rana Bhagwan Dass. Imran Khan and his team “new “members are mostly part of old corrupt regimes, either in Nawaz or Zardari govts, so how can the image of transparent or corruption-free Pakistan could be built with already used cartridges! Could any of the existing politicians or political figureheads dare to identify the corruption with armed forces of Pakistan ? The answer is big no!

Fourth, the industrial revolution process is almost at halt in Pakistan . Foreign investments are now limited to foreign-remittances by the expatriate community of Pakistan living outside. Likewise, shortage of electricity, gas and law & order situation in major cities are at its worse level beside being portrayed by the all time “cool” interior minister of Pakistan; Mr Rahman Malik. Almost in each of the foreign-invested projects for power & electricity, dark shadows of corruption are visible and in some cases the minister is also complaining in Supreme Court of Pakistan about the malpractice by his own ruling party members! Could Imran Khan be having a proper plan or team of experts to root out corruption from the society? All this has made the life of common Pakistani a hell, hence suicides are now becoming common practice in an Islamic society!

Then came to the political stability of civil governments in the country, martial law dictators survive more in Pakistan than civilian govts. What is the root cause? Beside being the bad reputation of political leaders, their internal wills to snatch “powerful chair of Prime Minister” from each others tempt the army dictators to rule the country. This musical chair game has reached to a level where few of the politicians had invited the powerful ambassador of United States secretly over dinner & sought help to gain that chair. Once an army general comes, he comes with his own plan & agenda and somehow he gets together a bunch of politicians who help him to change the face of a military govt in a limping-civilian govt. Be is Muhammad Khan Junejo or Zafar ullah Jamali or “aristocratic” Shaukat Aziz, all of them ruled the civilian govt under the powerful hand of a dictator. Could Imran Khan be able to stand in front of Army dictators amicably as his past reveals that he had bowed in front of Musharraf and his current team members are all “friends” of Musharraf except Javed Hashmi.

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