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A dialogue – should we give up Jihad? by Nadia Khan

A dialogue – should we give up Jihad?

by Nadia Khan


"Should we give up Jihad?” that was the question I had asked to one of my British colleague who was arguing over the World crisis especially in Iraq , Afghanistan , and now in bordering Pakistan .


Have you noticed, especially in Pakistan , “it is unsafe to travel – suicide attacks now in major cities, kidnapping, uncertainty, and killing. In some places, no one knows as how he is killed and for what? Like few cases in recent Swat military operation, there are reports that few innocents had been killed, including women and children, as they were not aware of imposing curfew in their area by Pakistan Army and hence were killed by sniper bullets” my colleague nodded and she was little unhappy with state of affairs in Pakistan and my wish to travel to Peshawar for visiting IDP camps.


Probably, the “root cause is the militant approach of radical Muslims as they came forward with their weapons and trying to impose Shariah,” my colleague inquired!


The dialogue continues and I responded, “if so then for what President Obama is asking for new approach towards Muslim World in his Cairo speech? Would he or allied forces accept that past mistakes in invading Iraq or Afghanistan , after knowing that USSR giant Army had failed miserably during their quest in mountainous region or the tradition of Afghans?”


“Indeed, if radical elements could stop their movement against Muslim brothers, like the suicide attacks over civilians in Pakistan , there could be peace for all.” she said in a deciding tone!


“But have you noticed all the suicide attacks, after the military operation, are not carried out over civilians, mostly over Police or security apparatus.” I replied in same tone and the conversation took the flamboyant turn!


“What about suicide attacks in mosques?” she smiled with a winning glimpse.


“Not really, especially in mosques, there’s a history of ethnicity or ethnic violence in that area. All the religious forces could be blamed.” I added


“Oh I see, so you are advocating that for suicide attacks – all the religious forces could be held responsible???” she questioned emphatically.


“So if radicals stop Jihad – the word I know you don’t like, the world would be much safer for all?” as if I bombarded my words.


“Perhaps!” that was her answer.


The conversation has ended with smile but with grim emotions. However this is remain there, “the root cause of world crisis is the radical approach of practicing Muslims and Jihad is the main fault line.” If some how, as West feels, Muslims could give up Jihad then the issue would be resolved forever.


From Muslims perspective, morning to evening they are involved in Jihad, sometimes internally or sometime externally with weapons. Their 24x7 lifeline is in Jihad, fighting against satanic forces or countering their measures. That’s how once Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) when returned back from one ghazwa (jihad) he has informed his companions that now we are returning back to a bigger Jihad (Akber) than what we were in, as shorter one (Jihad e Asghar)


Any Muslim can’t forgive Jihad, he or she is bound to have it – at least against the evils of society & to keep it in his or her heart. Without this belief, there are fewer chances to be part of Muslim Ummah. However, Jihad timeline, nomenclature, ingredients or geography could be decided first by Muslims Scholars –jointly- and then with strong believe in Allah it would be carried out. With the absence of Islamic government in almost all the Muslim world, the private armies, could be group of religious people, had taken over this prime responsibility to fight against.

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