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Karachi and a Champion of Muhajirs – Part 2 by Nadia Khan

Reading his press statements which talk about his self-claimed love for the country or listening his speech is always a fun! His body language, if you are able to watch him, indeed through the news channels clips, you might feel that Bollywood actors are far behind him in exploiting the mass emotions. For every dead or non-issue, with his emotions, loud conversation style and dead arguments, he makes it a matter of life & death, a matter of saving Pakistan from the darkness of stone-ages!


My elders say that former Pakistani politician and the founder of Bangladesh , Sheikh Mujeeb ur Rahman used to have such conversational style. I didn’t believe and went to India Office Library searching some old videos of Mujeeb ur Rahman. It was an amazing experience to discover that both resembles a lot in terms of speeches and probably, outlook too, if the later wears spectacles of thick frames! However one elder in Karachi says that he copies the speech-style of Mr Rizvi, a local resident of F B Area, who took part in council elections and had brought him in Muhajirs politics.


He picks up one word and then by elongating it and by stretching it sometimes, he pulls out all that’s hidden in his mind and conscience within a single word. When he uses the word “MaouN BehnouN” means mothers and sisters, he prolongs the word mother …. up to an extent portraying that the voice is coming out of his heart … and then he asks for the ornaments to be donated to his political party with full emotional zeal. He repeats his words so many times as if he is trying to take the reward immediately from his listeners. When he talks about the religious personalities whom he opposes then he chews the word “Maulana Sahab” little more than it is needed like ..Maulanaaaaaa Saaahab…. in which he pulls out his internal hatred against that religious personality.


With the advent of electronic media, he is seen every where talking and delivering speeches. Media men are little bit cautious of him as he doesn’t allow the anchors or interviewers to intervene in his “sermon – like – speeches” even on TV news channels, where editing is must and every single second is saleable!


When he starts a speech, God knows when the end would come. Even on the faces of anchors who had invited him, and there are too few TV anchors who invited him, because many fears beside prolong conversation fear; you could see the impact easily.


Recently on NewsOne channel, Mubashir Lucman tried to say good-bye to him twice after getting his show over but he resumed his speech again & again.


When there were no private news channels before 2001, he had refused to come on state television during election campaigns because the state media wanted to edit his speech and he had refused to do so.


He is the one who, beside Multinational Corporations conference calls syndrome for business purposes, invented the concept of political telephonic speech while away from his native land. Reason is obvious that he, as a foreigner, couldn’t come to his own native land for number of reasons including the fear of killing by his own splinter group. So you could find his voice every where in Pakistan where ever PTCL coverage is there. God knows who bears the cost of such long distance calls for hours and hours! His critics say that his party men in various departments especially in PTCL connects him illegally without any cost for several hours.


Now he is saving Pakistan from Taliban and his speeches are full of Pakistan’s love. The faded memory of people of Karachi recalls that in 1992, he & his party press statements were fully against of Pak army & same homeland, which he is trying to save now from Sufi Muhammad. What a great change in his approach, philosophy, and negative thinking!


It is heard and few newspapers reported also that, “his wife has filed a divorced petition against him just because he spends whole of his nights in rehearsal of the next day speeches by standing in front of mirror that is fixed in his bedroom.


Perhaps, this could be a genuine reason for any woman to file divorce as his husband is quite busy in his dramatic style speeches even in the bedroom late nights.


On the other hand, one has to consider that speeches are bread & butter; if not other sources of income are considered. He has to earn his living through this act as expat-allowance might not be sufficient to run his expenses. Though his followers claim that he is a “poor” politician without any source of income to live in world’s most expensive city – London , for over a decade without any source but insiders say that money is being sent from Karachi .


Guess who he is!!!

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