Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Save Pakistan, before it gets too late! by Nadia Khan

Save Pakistan, before it gets too late – Taliban 

By Nadia Khan


After Shahbaz Sharif dismissal and probably due to heavy reshuffle of bureaucracy in Lahore, terrorist attack has happened upon Sri Lankan players. Soon after that New Zealand has cancelled their visit and optimism is dying about Bangladesh's tour. International cricket is doubtful about the agreed World cup matches in Pakistan in 2011. This is the tarnished image of Pakistan after Iraq and Afghanistan.


Either we raise our fingers at RAW or some Indian elements, we need to look at ourselves and the root causes. It's Pakistanis who provoke something and give chances to Indian or Afghan agents to play their role successfully. There is an unrest (both political and administration) in all over Pakistan; Baluchistan is having civil war, NWFP is burning from its Afghan sided corners (Swat has shown little peace after the accord), Sind is pretending itself peaceful (but Karachi leaders are chanting slogans about Taliban arrival) and now Punjab is facing turmoil.  Within this context, an Army of 83- lieutenants handles various federal ministries (by snatching Toyota Prado from their juniors or personal gains) and Salman Taseer's horse-trading and all-out activities to form PPP-led govt in Punjab giving a serious life-line to lawyers' movement.


PPP stalwarts are just reciprocating facts or figures from past while retaliating Nawaz Sharif's blunt accusations about President Zardari.


There is an ideological unrest among Pakistani thinkers too. After 61 years it is yet to be decided that what type of country Pakistan would be – Islamic or secular.


Islamic forces see only the hardest-hitting interpretation of Shariah (without knowing the fact that Pakistani society – from fruit seller till President- is fully corrupt or became ignorant, in last 50 years) implementation. Their target is to amputate hands and force Muslims to grow beard (full fist length level, though there's serious debate among Islamic scholars on that issue all over the world), observe veil (hijab) by women etc. The major work done by Holy Prophet (pbuh) in his early 13 years in Makkah, building the Muslim ummah and 10 years in Madinah setting the foundation stone of Social Justice is almost vanished from everyone's eyes. If 40 million Pakistanis are living below the poverty line is not a significant issue for Islamic radical forces. All this unrest in our country is because of social injustices. Isn't it!!!


Beside, secular forces are trying to redefine the ideology of Pakistan and Islam. Their slogan of 'moderation of Shariah' means leniency towards the major requirements of Islam. By moderation of Shariah means they want to keep blind eye towards interest-based economy (whole banking system is still running with riba even after 61 years, only few Islamic banks), night clubs (many of our elites are having this luxury at their private locations), prostitution (there are many places in this Islamic country & none of the so called 'Islamic terrorists' looked at its closure), mixed gathering of males & females, dance parties (celebration on valentine day, 25th December or new year nights), short sleeves shirts or hip skirts dress for women (look at the dress code of our elites especially when they travel outside Pakistan), disrespecting hijab, and minimizing Quranic system of education.  (I didn't mention various govt departments where corruption is quite common).


If it is Pakistan then we are entering into a time when the worst & biased (as per secular and western thinkers) force of our time – Taliban will conquer Islamabad and will implement whatever wrong version of Islam they carry!

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