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Karachi blast on 10th Muharram – An analysis by Nadia Khan

Karachi blast on 10th Muharram (28th December 2009) – An analysis

by Nadia Khan


Even though IG Police Sind is yet to confirm the Karachi blast as suicide attack, many media centres had presented an innocent scout as suicide attacker, but later corrected the story. There are various angles one would look at this Karachi blast:


o       A suicide attacker blasted himself in 10th Muharram, Ashura procession, killing number of innocent participants. Even though Ismat ullah, a famous Taliban commander had accepted the responsibility of suicide but the Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan (TTP) wasn’t involved in looting, igniting fire, and damaging public properties. If so then wasn’t it a planned action?


o       Retaliating the action of suicide attacker, number of angry protestors, mostly youngsters took the law in their own hands and for two and half hours thousand of shops and buildings came under fire. Who were these people?


o       All video footages show that Police remained the silent observer while the game of fire was in action. Why Police remained silent?


Out of these questions, one point is evident that present Karachi City administration under the leadership of Mustafa Kamal lacks the knowledge of Crisis Management or how to manage situations of like that kind is beyond their control especially when provincial government is not having friendly ties with them!


While we find the answers of above questions, we will see who is benefiting most out of this blast.


Taliban, or TTP, normally sends suicide attacker to specified targets especially the security agencies head quarters, or security apparatus infrastructure or Police centres or even mosques where security personnel’s gather. But in Karachi and on 10th Muharram, all the participants were common men & women, mostly belonging to Shia sect, with no security affiliations. Hence, the claim of TTP or Ismat Ullah needs more evidence or further investigation. Either, it was Taliban or someone hiding behind Taliban and owns the responsibility for some other hidden motives!


Then, why Police became silent when angry protestors were rioting and causing destruction to public property? This is possible only when they were given strict instructions from provincial Home Ministry to remain calms in case law & order situation becoming worse especially in processions! But for what! Was someone teaching the lesson to MQM, who holds the political majority in the city, for not being taking “his” side over infamous NRO or someone trying to expose that MQM and its Nazim is not capable enough to handle the crisis situation. Karachi, as MQM claims, is their city and within their city thousand of middle level businessmen lost their business & property while MQM & its team were helplessly watching it being destroyed. Sind home ministry under Dr Zulfiqar Mirza, few weeks before, under the fire line of NRO discussion and before Supreme Court verdict, was trying to expose MQM for not being joining them over NRO. Is this a lesson taught to Altaf Hussain in Karachi?


No matter what ever is the situation, Altaf Hussain, in his traditional crying voice, blamed Taliban for all such incidents. That’s good; he didn’t blame Taliban for destroying public property otherwise if it is not stored in video footage he could have lashed out Taliban for igniting fire and public property destruction. But Hussain’s all time hatred with Pathans, was equally responded by Shahi Syed, the Sind-based leader of ANP, during a counter press conference that the angry protestors of past such as mob of 27th December 2007 or 12th May 2008 wasn’t brought to justice, so as this one too, hence culprits are getting strength! No matter dozens of Karachities lost their lives but game of provincial politics to take over the city of Karachi has exposed! Today, while taking to religious leadership of Karachi, when Mr. Hussain has blamed Taliban and asked religious scholars (Ulemas) help to eradicate Taliban from Karachi – a city which he feels that he owns, it was shocking that one of the participant, on condition of anonymity, has said that “his (Altaf Hussain) hatred against Pakhtoons is evident since long and he is hiding it behind Taliban. Anyway, food quality was good and I had enjoyed!”


Another view, just a day before on 27th December 2009, the most aggressive speech of any President of Pakistan, was under fire from all corners. With Karachi sad incident, it went onto back burner as with the attack, all the provincial political leaders have started the blame game and within that noise President’s speech became out of focus! May be, someone very tactically has helped the lingering President to get rid of his most ridiculous -but full of blames over establishment- words! Also, with this sad news the infamous NRO and actions against the besieged President went of press, at least for the time being!


Though Black Water agents are progressing in Pakistan with all sorts of covert operations and destructions especially in FATA areas but their targets are well known (Taliban or elements fighting against US forces) and focused through drones. Their involvement in Karachi, ideally on a long-term basis could exist, but on 10th Muharram blast, it is quite difficult to agree with Mufti Rafi Usmani who has blamed them. Once, it is settled that was it a suicide attack or a planted bomb then many of the doubts would be washed out? PPP government will try its best to term it as suicide attack and with a fact that none of the government could prevent it, it will rescue itself. What if it turns out to be a planted bomb, probably in any of the windows of nearby-parked ambulance, then both MQM & security agencies, along Dr Zulfiqar Mirza, provincial home minister, would be under fire for inadequate facilities & operational risk mitigation measures.


For a simple reason - angry mob handling soon after the blast, both MQM and PPP internal rift (possibly over NRO) has resulted in loss of number of innocent lives as well as injured who could become permanently disabled or thousands who lost their businesses and in turn loss of jobs as a chain reaction!


Who will take care of such poor’s?

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Pakistan: From all the four corners! by Nadia Khan

Pakistan: From all the four corners!

by Nadia Khan


While President Zardari is struggling to survive against the odds of NRO – in supreme Court of Pakistan either by posing himself as ‘most confident’ or on state TV posing Aitizaz Ahsan sitting & chatting with him in President House, the country is cornered from all sides by number of ‘state actors.’


1.      Growing influence of India –through military or economic assistance - in a war-torn Afghanistan , where a pro Indian govt is installed, is clearly visible. While walking onto the streets of Kabul, which is the only 80km radius where newly ‘elected’ Karzai rule of law is in action, I could see number of Sikhs (Sardar Jees) walking, Hindi movies CDs/DVDs being sold by Pashtun boys, and number of Indian restaurants, indicate that ‘Bollywood business’ is in real action in a country, once famous for Islamic fundamentalism & then controlled by Taliban, safely in favour of Pakistan. If day-to-day business is going hand-in-hand like Kabul Express with Indians, then who would say that Indian intelligence agencies especially RAW could give up such a fantastic opportunity against Pakistan!!!


2.      Purposely to portray his ‘soft’ image or “by mistake” Zardari-led govt’s invitation of Hamid Karzai during President’s oath taking ceremony and year later ‘presentation at Karzai’s oath taking ceremony even though it was through most controversial elections in Afghanistan, had no impact on US authorities. Rather than on Pakistanis that PPPP govt is getting inclined towards India through Afghanistan .


3.      Further, the confusion by present govt during Mumbai-Taj shooting episode; to send ISI chief to New Delhi then its withdrawal, had left no space for Pakistani diplomats to counter the growing influence of Indian ICS cadre all over the world! Even though President Zardari had tried to ascertain non-state actors, he was trying to bring Al Qaida factor here, involvement in that but they way it was twisted by Indian diplomats against Pakistan itself to term the country as safe-heaven for terrorism, was not even thought by the Pakistani President. Hafiz Saeed or Lashker e Tayyba’s implication and then forced “request” to China to remove the veto-bar against Indian resolution in United Nations has fired-back at Pakistan its self. Hafiz Saeed’s acquittal by higher judiciary and then his open letter to media men that “killing of innocent non-Muslims in non-Muslim countries is not endorsed by him and he feels sympathetic for the victims of Mumbai-Taj Hotel” indicates that someone even higher than Lashker e Tayyba tried to use its name for destabilizing normal relations between India and Pakistan. Who could be that state or non-state actors!!!


4.      The instigation of hidden US intelligence agencies, as many analyst say, towards Jund Ullah to provoke a new ground with Iran through Pakistani Baluchistan, is an action of building pressure on an already weak govt of Pakistan to leverage more from them! Pakistani intelligence agencies, at this stage when Pak Army is engaged in FATA rooting out the foreign elements especially Uzbeks, couldn’t take a risk of opening another ground against an old ally, Iran , for the sake of nothing. So elements like Jund Ullah are being funded by the foreign hands who would like to destabilize Pakistan through its angry arm – Baluchistan !


5.      Not because of Barhamdakh Bugti or Akhter Mengal or Dr Hai Baloch or Marri tribal heads, hiding out side Baluchistan, Baluchistan is brought to lime light by US authorities due to their quote that ‘Mullah Omer’s whole Taliban Shura (advisers) is residing in Quetta’ is paving a way towards a new conspiracy against Pakistan. A province where Pakistan flag hoisting is not possible in common schools and buildings, where a group of angry youngsters is fighting against law enforcement agencies reminds that external forces are trying to stage a ground where ‘Quetta could be another Dhaka!


6.      From East Punjab side, Kashmir issue has gone to back-burner as all attention is towards North and South Waziristan and FATA after Swat successful operation.


7.      At internal fronts, President Zardari-led weak federal government efforts to take control over powerful military-establishment through Kerry-Lugar bill, all had gone in vain. The list of failure includes delay in restoration of judiciary until 16th March long march, loss of credibility in his own accords, keeping Charter of Democracy (CoD) set aside, and the latest one is NRO where the newly-restored judiciary had asked the political cream to redefine the National Reconciliation Ordinance, its presentation in National Assembly and finally withdrawal, all points towards half-baked decisions!


8.      Beside all this, the growing influence of Pakistani Taliban and their daily suicide attacks have shaken the Punjab and especially NWFP province by storm and Interior Ministry especially where all roads go to Waziristan and Black Cat is no more in Pakistan slogan has lost its credibility. Taliban, originally, were termed as real ‘friends of Pakistan’ to counter the influence of India-led Hamid Karzai or Abduallah Abdullah as conceived by the former prime minister of Pakistan, late Benazir Bhutto! Now, from the Prime Minister Gilani accusation that “Pakistani Tahreek e Taliban and Bait Ullah Mehsud is the killer of late Benazir Bhutto without any thorough investigations as UN investigations are still not concluded,” has put Pakistani Taliban and rest of the religious forces against the PPP govt automatically. Even though President Zardari and Bilawal Zardari both iterated that ‘democracy is the real revenge’ implies that some other hands -not Bait ullah as he wasn’t any democratic force or to be revenged through democracy- are used in killing Benazir Bhutto, contradicts the higher-ups in PPP itself.


9.      The attacks at GHQ and Military mosque indicate that TTP is the fierce opponent of govt of Pakistan as well as military-establishment due to laters engagement with US and Allied forces. Wasn’t it looked pre planned to engulf the gap between the two old allies of 80s? Wasn’t it in the knowledge of Pakistani security authorities; the culture of tribes, their revenge process when drones, flying from Pakistani bases and killing Pashtun women & children upon instructions of US authorities, just because US feels threaten by Al Qaida or Taliban? This is the same subject that led “Rehman Malik at the back-foot with Mufti Rafi & Taqi Usmanis, in Darool Uloom Karachi , when asked for a blind-fatwa in favour of PPP govt, and refused by these scholars terming Drones as the main cause of Pashtun anger.”


10.  Indeed, with Deubandi Ulemas, who were inclined with Afghan-Jihad in 80s, they could have informed Rehman Malik about the main ingredients of present-day-Jihad. In simple, Al Qaida is a group of foreign elements, largely compose of Arab nationals fighting against the US authorities since Gulf war of 1991 whereas Taliban are, predominantly Pashtuns, comprise 70% of the population of Afghanistan & adjoining Pakistani territory of Waziristan, can’t be eliminated by US forces or drones, just for the sake that they are not inclined towards US policies or they refused to handover Osama, the prime accused of NY twin-tower tragedy. Every local Afghani feels that since 1979 they are under the phases of occupation – initially under USSR, then Najeeb ullah, later under Masood or Doustum in the form of warlords and from 2001 it continued in the form of NATO or USA . To make their territory free from these foreign aggressors, they, like their centuries old traditions, are fighting against them. This approach is the main content of present-day Jihad in Afghanistan , and fully endorsed by former University-graduate-Mujahadeen like Gulbadeen Hekmatyar, Rab Rasool Sayyaf groups or pro-Pakistani Jalal Uddin Haqqani group or their new generations including hardcore Madrasah-educated Taliban.


11.  I am sure, Rehman Malik should have been appraised that what went wrong with Taliban as their suicidal technique, within their limited resources, tribal culture, and simple understanding of Jihad, became distorted with killings of innocent Pakistanis in towns and cities. Either the philosophy of revenge over came the true spirit of Jihad (fight against combatants only) creating collateral damage in the form of innocent women & children or some Indian elements using the name of Taliban for suicide attacks, as poor Taliban can’t afford so much expensive RDX or explosive material on a daily basis, to destabilize Pakistan or some foreign elements took shelter in Taliban camp, purposely, while creating chaos in major cities of Pakistan – terming as Pakistan is an unsafe territory hence its nuclear assets are also not in safe custody. Thus they should be in ‘our’ control. For all these complex issues present-day Pakistan interior ministry is far below than expectations!


12.  Certainly, Rehman Malik should have been updated, during his visit that, when Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) had migrated to Madinah, first thing after establishing his authority – means Islamic Govt, he had asked foreign powers to follow the divine revelations with the help of that he has formed a classic society in Arabia, presenting a message, in 7th century, of peace, equality, & social justice, . The idea especially for rulers, was very simple, “Dear leaders! You need to follow the means & ways for the betterment of your people otherwise we (Muslims) will guide you towards the right approach. If not then we will fight (Jihad) with you until we succeed & then we’ll implement the rule of Allah in your land.” Due to Holy Prophet’s (peace be upon him) letter, Iranian ruler of those days became angry and torn it out. This was the main cause of Jihad during those days between Muslims (Companions of Holy Prophet) and Iranian army. I am sure, if Pakistani interior minister would have been there, he should be supporting Iranian ruler and terming the then Muslims, as terrorists!

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Jinnahpur - what MQM workers say about it! by Nadia Khan

Jinnahpur - what MQM workers say about it?

by Nadia Khan

Since then Brigadier (Retired) Imtiaz, one of the main beneficiary of ' failed' National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO), has appeared on number of TV channels and revealed that the story of Jinnahpur is fake and orchesterd by agencies, I became curious to know more about it. As it was made public by the army media wing (ISPR) during those days and later some controversy exist that it was taken back, I became more interested as what common men, muhajir activists, and Karachi residents say about it!

I was willing to know more about Jinnahpur, its plan, its dimensions, and finally its failure in 1992. As the issue just popped up again with the publishing of Syed Jamaluddin, a Germany based anti-Pakistan writer, books' "Divide Pakistan : To eliminate terrorism" formerly it was his petition for separate homeland for Urdu-speaking majority of Karachi, my requirement was to identify the root causes associated to this idea and its linkage with Muhajir Qoumi Movement, now Mutahidda, if there exists.

For this I have to go back to Karachi and find the people, who had witnessed 1992 army operation and who could open up their hearts about MQM of late 80s. In July 2009, when I landed in Karachi, I wouldn't know that this exercise would not limit to Karachi only and I would be travelling to far & wide and contacting people in search of truth by collecting bits & pieces from one continent to another,from number of MQM die-hard lovers to dissidents.

No one who had lived closer to Altaf Hussain or NineZero, would be able to speak the truth. Azeem Ahmed Tariq's family has left Karachi and workers close to him has been either killed or dispersed for reasons known to everyone. His words, portrait, or photos are no longer part of today's MQM rallies, literature, or media campaign! He is gone with the wind in today's MQM.

I started my work, based on the facts as what made late Azeem Ahmed Tariq away from Altaf Hussain's group that finally lead the events in a way to take his life! Was it purely security agencies cruel act or the forces behind Hisham uz Zafar, who was presented on PTV as the main accused of Azeem Ahmed Tariq's murder, nad now freed due to NRO, had conducted the crime of his own! After all he was MQM's chairman and his killers were not apprehended like the killers of Benazir Bhutto! Even it is stranger that today's MQM of Altaf Hussain is not interested in finding out the culprits. These dead or shaheeds of MQM, if Altaf group considers them as part of MQM, are covered under the rubble of NRO!

It took me a week or so to get connected with sympathizers of late Azeem Ahmed Tariq in today's MQM. Their out come surprised me more than any findings, even the discovery of Penicillin, as revealed by late Ashfaq Ahmed!

'He became the victim of Pakistan's love!' one of the workers informed me with grim voice.

For what? I asked vehemently

'He doesn't want to join the hands of foreign forces, when 1992 army operation was in progress and it was fiercely opposed by him.' one elderly worker responded with bitter tone.

That discussion was the tip of an iceberg of Jinnahpur. I started meeting more MQM workers to get know the facts, especially words those travel by hearts only, means worker to worker only, because to gather the hidden truth.

After two weeks of hectic search within the MQM-Karachi circles, I was able to find out only that 'the right person who knows more about Jinnahpur is Dr Imran Farooq and Saleem Shahzad was the one who had presented a Silver colour passport of Jinnahpur to one of his associate, when he was living in Dubai soon after his exit from Karachi during 1992 operation.'

Currently Dr Farooq lives in London and a bit away from Altaf Hussain's blessing, so I decided to approach him at later stage and same with Saleem Shahzad close associates who live in UAE and MQM workers in South Africa, if there's a need be!

One suggestion came to me is to 'contact Haqiqi senior members and they will know more about this fact.' I rejected this idea as talking to Haqiqi-group would not lead me towards truth due to number of political or factional-differences reasons. So I decided to continue my quest, as a common person for finding the truth about Jinnahpur from the common workers of MQM.

One fine morning, while talking to an old associate of Dr Imran Farooq in Al Karam Square, who had witnessed 1992 Army Operation, spend sometime in Karachi Central Jail & now distanced himself from the party, I was told that 'after 92 operation when Imran Bhai became cornered & left with no option then he had requested help from Indian Consulate Karachi. Number of his loyalist got India visa including Javed Bhai (famous Javed LangRa, who was killed during Naseerullah Babar operation). Worse moment was that, when we all were in a discussion (of same kind) in a house near North Nazimabad Block S, due to some tip off, the house became surrounded by Rangers & security forces. The fighting lasted for 4 hours and we -safely- moved away Imran Bhai in a water tanker from block S to a place in Malir. The discussion was all about seeking Indian Consulate Karachi help to recapture Karachi.'

This was a great piece of information, if true, from the mouth of an old MQM associate. So I can move on to my search little ahead. Within this context, readers would be reminded that Indian Consulate Karachi was closed during that period while Army Operation was being conducted.

After meeting with few of old MQM activists, who are now in their mid 50s and enjoying their survival after such operations, cleansing, & inter-party fights living mostly in Al Karam Square, near NineZero, and Azizabad, I wanted to dig some more ground in other urban parts of Sind as the proposed map of Jinnahpur includes Hyderabad, Meerpurkhas, and Nawabshah also. I was told that few gentlemen in Hyderabad could talk more on that subject. I became happy as getting closer to my target.

After 114km drive, when I reached Hyderabad, I was met by an old man, fairly old in his late 60s, who knows the stalwarts of former MQM and their pasts. He was off the view that 'today's MQM has betrayed the Muhajir community by not fulfilling its earlier promises and now diverting the attention towards Punjab.'

This was the argument; we discussed before, so I ignored it and wanted to know about the annexation of Karachi, first from Sind and later from Pakistan, if planned.

'What would be Muhajir's reaction living in Hyderabad (interior Sind), if MQM or Altaf Hussain one fine morning decides that 'it's enough to be with Pakistan?'' I had thrown my question with little care!

'We will listen to our leader, as he is the only one who is our torch bearer!' I was answered

'We have no other option, if PPPP fails to ensure our rights!' another answer came in

Indirectly this was endorsed by the Karachi Nazim, Mustafa Kamal when he made some surprising remarks and observations at the businessmen's dinner in Karachi on 11th July 2008 in honor of the then President Pervez Musharraf. He told the audience that they should not take their money away from Karachi because "if they return after six months or one year the region and its geography may not be the same."

He had made these comments in the presence of the then president Musharraf and the governor of Sind indicated something is being cooked out among MQM circles, if not Jinnahpur then what!!!

Before moving to my next destination, I decided to understand the approach of MQM activists, as how they see Karachi, if they will not be given their due rights. This barometer could be used as MQM or its activist love for Allama Iqbal, as I have came across few of MQM activists who openly defy this famous poet and the visionary of Pakistan.

For the first time in MQM 20 year's history, Altaf Hussain has directed MQM Rabita Committee members to present themselves at the tomb of Allama Iqbal on 9th November with garlands. This was the change and everyone in Punjab has to notice it. Either it was due to Gilgit-Biltistan elections or MQM-desire to enter Punjab, this is the barometer and one can check the level of MQMs love for Punjab or Punjabis. So, finally MQM has realized that Allama Iqbal is also a personality, who is symbolized as love with Pakistan, and whom MQM had ignored since ages.

My next destination was United Arab Emirates, where many of the exiled leaders of MQM had spent some time soon after their exit from Karachi during 1992 operation. When I entered Sharjah, I was told that Aamir Khan, the secretary general of Muhajir Qoumi Movement, used to live near Sharjah-Ajman border, close to Corel Beach Hotel. As he was not in my list of to-be-consulted, so I decided to keep away his aides still living here. Also the aides or Mateen Yousuf, deputy Mayor of Karachi when Farooq Sattar was the mayor, live in Dubai but they were not on my watch-list, so I ignored them.

I was finding out the person, who has been showed the passport of Jinnahpur in Dubai in 1992, as revealed by an MQM activist in Karachi. After a week long efforts, I was get connected with that 'gentleman' and upon his own request (for various reasons) I with held his name here. I was told that he is engaged in 'used-cars' export business in UAE since last 17 years and came here during 1992 operation. Next morning I was sitting in front of him, in his showroom, as a car buyer. In next few visits, he has opened himself and what he said, as part of his conversation with a buyer/Karachi-resident (I posed myself as a MQM lover), is mentioned below:

I left Karachi in 1992 with so much difficulty, first went to Lahore and then came here on a visit visa. Later, received some money through hawala and started this business.

Saleem Shahzad is my cousin and we both were involved in MQM activities together. When he came here in Sharjah, he had spent some months living with me only. He has changed himself, during those days, used to wear Arabic dress (Kandura) and went to Saudi Arabia visit for Umra also.I have seen a silver color passport also.

Both Muhajir & Sindhis can't live peacefully in Karachi and our ultimate target is to have a separate 'province' for Muhajirs and if there's no grant of Muhajir-province then we have no other option than a separate homeland!

This piece of info was more than enough for me to understand what is hidden at the back of the then-MQMs higher ups; their motives, failed action and future plans! The important tip which I got is that - after 1992 operation many of the MQM activists either fled to UAE, or Japan, or South Africa. Few of them, who already possess USA visa fled there and restarted their activities. Much of the used-cars business in UAE is under the hands of MQM activists.

My next route was London, where I could meet Dr Imran Farooq. His close supporters spoke differently about his party for that he has almost given his life and time. One view is that, 'he has been sent by agencies under the cover of an activist of Dawat e Islami (those who wear green turban) otherwise his exit from Pakistan was next to impossible. He is the one who is passing all party information to military agencies to counter party actions etc etc.'

Some say that his growing influence within the party has lead Altaf Hussain to sideline him otherwise party could ignore the founding-father. Whatever is the truth, this has given me an understanding that he might not be able to open himself especially when the matter of separating Karachi (or Jinnahpur) would come into discussion, so I decided to be away from him. Another reason, when one news piece came to my knowledge which was published recently and that wasn't denied by Dr Imran Farooq closed circles, is his frequent meetings with Indian security advisors; I decided to pack my bags without the interview-meeting.

When the plane took-off from Heathrow Airport, my mind was flying even higher than Emirates A-380, as how many forces are targeting Pakistan. Frontier corner is engaged with terrorists, though the blame goes to Taliban only but so far no thorough investigation has been carried out that could identify the real culprits behind suicide or bomb attacks, another corner is having number of angry Baloch youngsters' – living in Baluchistan or outside – demanding separation, Sind may come up to fire when Jasqam recent rally shouts slogans of Sindhudesh, and now a thought is in mind about annexation of Karachi as Jinnahpur!

What the founder of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah's soul would be thinking as his name is used to divide Pakistan!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009 - an open letter to Altaf Hussain

Dear All,

This is an open letter written to Altaf Hussain, founder of MQM, now termed as Mutahidda Qoumi Movement. It is really provoking thoughts especially for those who love Pakistan and would like to see their homeland out of all dangers - internal threats from within the so-called political parties!

It is being circulated in news, locally here in UK, that some elements of MQM UK are supporting this writer and fairly handsome donation is being passed to writer to continue his efforts against Pakistan.

MQM should clarify their stance on integrity of Pakistan and should openly denounce this letter, its contents and refrain themselves from the idea of Jinnahpur, which is resurfacing!!!

Nadia Khan

Dear Altaf Hussain Bhai

Please dont make any mistake for any short term benefit. Please stop giving excuses about your patriotism. Nobody in this PUNJABI PAKISTAN will ever believe you. The entire Urdu Speaking Nation depends on you and MQM for their existence in Pakistan. If there had been no ALTAF HUSSAIN or MQM, Urdu Speaking Nation would have been living like poor Palestinians living under Israeli siege with no external support. If there was no ALTAF HUSSAIN or MQM, people of Karachi would have never been able to attract the attention of the world community towards Karachi and its development undertaken by Mustafa Kamal who is none other than but an Urdu Speaking Resident of Karachi. Had there been no ALTAF HUSSAIN and MQM, all youth of Karachi would have been like ORPHANS. If ALTAF HUSSAIN was not born, Pakistani Army from Punjab would have vanished Urdu Speaking Nation in line with the agenda of Dictator AYUB KHAN who wanted to throw away Urdu Speaking Nation into the ARABIAN SEA. If there was no ALTAF HUSSAIN and MQM, Karachi would have become a colony of Urdu Speaking Nation in similar fashion like those AFRICAN BLACKS who are still treated as THIRD CLASS CITIZENS in United States of America. ALTAF HUSSAIN and MQM have given an immortal IDENTITY to the Urdu Speaking Nation.........the identity which NO PAKISTANI GOVERNMENT GAVE TO THEM IN LAST 62 YEARS for sure. Today, leaders of other political parties have acknowledged power of MQM and ALTAF HUSSAIN not because they really want to do this but because they want to save the remaining part of PAKISTAN. These political leaders very well know that Pakistan's existence depends on KARACHI and Urdu Speaking Nation. In 1988, it was Qaim Ali Shah who was PPP's nominated Chief Minister. In 2008 it is the same Qaim Ali Shah who is PPP's nominated Chief MInister. In 20 years, PPP could not produce a single politician to take charge as CHIEF MINISTER OF SINDH. This fact shows that all such political parties in Pakistan are basically run by feudals and their Masters in Uniform (Army). It was only ALTAF HUSSAIN and MQM which represented the masses.

Time has come for Pakistan to disintegrate. Please, please, please dont give your precious blood to this Pakistan which has finished its life and has become a land of terrorists which is being run with foreign aid conditional upon "specific services". Urdu Speaking Nation will never be acknowledged as part of Pakistan no matter what you say or believe. Pakistan has never been for us. Pakistan will never be for us. We need our own IDENTITY. We want freedom. Please dont throw us into the siege of Pakistani Army. Please dont become ANWAR SADAT or YASSER ARAFAT. Please dont become KING HUSSAIN of Jordan. Please dont become HUSNI MOBARAK. Please understand our needs and care for our future.

Dear ALTAF BHAI, if you die today, who will give us our own homeland?? We need our own homeland no matter what may happen to Pakistan. Baloch freedom fighters have not given up their struggle for freedom. Pakhtoons have not stopped thinking of their freedom. Sindhis also remember DR. G.M. SYED. So, why should URDU SPEAKING NATION become "PATRIOTIC" when we all know that we can never be considered as patriotic.


Tel +49-1747061641

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Why MQM wants to enter in Punjab? by Nadia Khan

Why MQM wants to enter in Punjab ?

By Nadia Khan


Last evening while having dinner together, when one of my British colleague, who is also engaged with a famous media group in London and actively writes about Pakistani politics, has inquired as ‘why Altaf Hussain wants to enter in Punjab politics?’ I became curious as I have no idea that any British journalist could get involved in Pakistani politics especially politics of Karachi or Muhajirs upto that level where a local leader is trying to portray his party in another province of Pakistan !


With a blank face, I nodded as ‘what do you think!’


She said, ‘his slogan is quite appealing; representation of 98% oppressed class and in Punjab there are number of opportunities for MQM!’


‘What opportunities?’ I inquired in an exclamation


She has started revealing her last two months activities in Karachi, ‘I spend last two months in Karachi, trying to know what exactly MQM had achieved so as they think that now Punjab ground is ready for them to enter.’


‘Basically MQM has failed to achieve their targets originally set forth by them, especially Altaf Hussain such as abolishing the quota system in Sind for Karachi residents, repatriation of Beharis (people who claim to be Pakistanis during 1971 war) living in refugee camps in Bangladesh, and equal rights for the Urban population of Sind, especially in Karachi, Hyderabad, Nawabshah, and Meerpurkhas. These three were the foundation stones for Muhajir Qoumi Movement formation and none of them has achieved in last 20 years!’ She continued her conversation


I was shocked with the in depth of knowledge of a British girl who only spends 60 days in a city and knows much about its ethnic politics. I was enjoying and I inquired further to provoke her for more information gain!


‘What have you learnt is those 60 days politically out of Karachi politics?’ I had thrown another question


‘Something, with that I could write a detailed report. Such as the history of MQM since 1988 elections as under what circumstances they had won the municipal elections and then successive local bodies or national elections and their entry in Islamabad . The way, they had bargained with PPP or IJI in 80s or 90s, the blood bath of Karachi and MQM role in it, 1992 Army Operation against the MQM criminal elements who were trying to seek outside help, the way they had planted their own ‘men’ in all education & local bodies departments in Sind side by side with Sindhis to help MQM in election process. The way, they take control of vicinities through their sector in charges and powerful personalities, not brought to light for common Muhajirs.’ She added


‘You know, what are sector in charges?’ I asked vehemently as I felt that she knew less about the deep inside of MQM operational process!!!


‘Yes dear, I know more than many. They are the most powerful men in MQM and directly answerable to Altaf Hussain or MQM UK ’s team without any intermediate authority. They are the one who run MQM as per the orders of UK office.’ She answered categorically


‘Ok, what’s MQM motive in Punjab or sometime they voiced their concerned about entering Kashmir politics too!’ I brought back my first question


‘Simple – all have to understand. MQM has no more activity left in Karachi . They won the elections, they are in power corridors since long even it is a military dictator or a democratic President or a democratic dictator all the time you would find MQM in power corridors. MQM main motive wasn’t the three points I highlighted before. They want to be in ruling class sitting next to landlords of Sind , even though they call themselves as the representatives of depressed classes. None of the member of provincial or national assembly could speak on his or her own behalf. All have been given strict guidelines to speak and mostly very few are allowed to speak with press.’ She continued her sermon like speech and I was enjoying


‘Have you noticed the fate of Aamir Liquat Hussain, how he is kicked out of the party & ministerial portfolio when he had disagreement with Altaf Hussain over Salman Rushdi issue. He was hardcore and diehard member of MQM since Daily Percham days.’ She added and I was amazed over her insight know how about MQM.


‘I met with Aamir Liquat but he didn’t open up his mind. Probably, the fear inside as what could happen with him if he speaks out openly. That's how MQM treats their MNAs or MPAs.’ Do you know this she inquired?


‘By keeping this status, MQM has no other agenda to divert the Muhajir community from the original issues. That’s how they crafted another “subject” entering into Punjab politics where they have no roots and ground to stand. That’s how, if you had noticed those they have been hired in Punjab to hoist MQM flag have no clean record. And they would be protected from Karachi or London by press releases or political slogans as ‘MQM workers are been targeted in Lahore & other parts of Punjab by Sharif government.’’ She replied


‘There’s no substance in MQM political agenda for common Punjabi population; Altaf Hussain’s past is full of terrorist activities, right from daily strikes during late Benazir first term till 1992 operation beginning moments then killing of Azeem Ahmed Tariq, the Chairman of MQM and you couldn’t find any statement from MQM for the apprehension of those who had committed this killing. Then Afaq Ahmed & Aamir Khan’s dissident moments and killing of hundreds of Muhajir youngsters between the Mutahhida and Muhajir Qoumi Movement splinter groups inter-fighting and killing each other workers. Hope you remember the moments when Altaf Hussain became the “Peer of Karachi” under the influence of interior Sind landlords and peers. That’s MQM past. Is he going to offer same to the poor people of Punjab ?’ she became little emotional


‘Yes, he would try to broaden the gap between the Northern & Southern Punjab. Sarieki belt is quite unhappy with their Lahori brethren and politicians like Altaf Hussain might gain ground by fuelling the emotions of hatred among them in Punjab using the name of rights for Sariakei people. Also Punjab might become the battle ground for ethnic groups and MQM Punjab workers could take refuge among them for any inter-group fighting by leveraging most out of it in Karachi .’ She explained and I couldn’t believe this now


‘You could find Altaf Hussain raising his voice in favour of Pakistan Army nowdays against Taliban. Do you know his press releases in 1992 when the same Army was conducting the operation against the criminal elements of MQM in Sindh, he was totally against of Pak Army and Pakistan itself. Do you know how an army major (Major Kaleem) was abused in Karachi?’ She mentioned and I have no other option to say yes!


By that time, we were able to finish our meal and I said to her ‘thank you for nice dinner’ and we departed. On way home, I was just in deep thoughts, what if the ‘fears’ of a foreigner could come true about MQM and Altaf Hussain then Punjab would be facing another blood bath through the hands of MQM and Lahore will have same fate like Karachi in 1992!!!! 


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Managing Jihad or Jihadi Organisation by Nadia Khan

Managing Jihad or Jihadi Organisation

by Nadia Khan


Jihad is part of every Muslims life – no matter he or she prays five times a day or not or fast in Ramadan or pays his or her Zakat (2.5% of tax) on extra wealth at the end of every year or his appearance is as per religious guidance. No matter, he is obliged to perform Jihad in his daily life, some time fighting against social evils by pen or by words, or raising voice for depressed communities of society, or even taking care of his old parents. All are considered as Jihad and every Muslim is in Jihad at all the times.


US society also differentiates among these things – for helping old parents they had formed ‘Old Houses.’ For voice, the powerful media is there and for helping depressed communities they have a fancy word ‘democracy’ to elect their rulers and hence these rulers will help them. However, they forgot to identify the nomenclature of Pakistani society where ‘democracy’ is hijacked by feudal and in elections all depressed have been forced to vote for their landlords. There are few exceptions and TV dramas of 80s of Ashfaq Ahmed, Asghar Nadeem Syed or Noorul Huda Shah would throw some light on that feud-democratic culture.


The hardcore teachings of Sufi Muhammad or his like-minded fellows that ‘democracy is un Islamic phenomenon’ is probably due to the fact that Islamic system of governance is based on Shura (consultation by a group of sincere Muslims who decide the selection of ruler and individual Muslims are not entitled to cast vote) and the painful history of democracy in Pakistan has taught a lesson that due to ‘democracy’ nothing had changed since over five decades. However such passive voices could be termed as voices of frustrated individuals who had failed to motivate masses and to divert young generation towards the peaceful teaching of Islam.


The failure of successive, but short, democratic governments in Pakistan in late 80s and 90s era, had paved the way towards the frustration of individuals especially having religious–ruler ideology (The System of Khilafat) as the only philosophy to counter the ever-changing world. Having this true approach, but only by words, and without any home work at ground, means without any motivation of masses, all have worked out short term solution to topple the government and take control of the rule of the country. With the fall of USSR in Afghan Jihad, many of the religious personalities had tasted the good taste of ruling the country – Gulbadeen Hekmat Yaar had rose to the level of Premiership, even for a very short period – individuals in Pakistan thought to worked out the same philosophy in Pakistan.


Late Haq Nawaz Jhangwvi, was the first among very few religious figures, who had won the landslide victory in Jhang, against the Shia elements of the area and had started raising his voice, predominantly against Shia community as per his own understanding of Islam contrary to his Sunni school of thought that killing of Shais is allowed. He wasn’t fully endorsed by all Deubandi religious scholars openly, but this had resulted a fierce battle within the area among Sunnis and Shias until international community got involved. Killing of number of Shia doctors in Karachi in late 90s & early 2000 had indicated that this phenomenon clearly that the mastermind of killers was a hardcore non-Pakistani Sunni and willing to settle his factional-hatred through other hands in Pakistan . Since, then number of smaller or relatively unknown organisation came to knowledge and most recent is Jund Ullah fighting against the Shais of Iran .


Even though, Japanese are the main originator of Suicide attacks from the cores of Pearl Harbour , but now Taliban is termed as the owner of this product. By knowing the enemies surrounding Pakistan, it is not clear that only Taliban fighters are using this tactics to pressurize the most-weak Zardari-led government of Pakistan, to topple it in the name of ‘law & order’ but this remains the fact that most inappropriate Interior Minister Rehman Malik is raising his voice against Taliban only. Even the smoke & debris of any suicide attack is still alive & not reaching the sky, the British-business owned minister blames that ‘all roads go to Waziristan ’ indicates his inability to identify the culprit. Catching the real culprits is out of his ministry reach! His own colleague, religious minister is shot-injured but Rehman Malik’s ministry is not able to catch the culprit. Sri Lankan team was attacked in Lahore and Interior Ministry was blaming the religious organisations of Punjab until the Sri Lankan President has informed PM Gilani that it is having Tamil Tigers (LLTE) hands. The list of interior ministry failures goes on!


That’s a common perception that if Taliban wants to kill innocent Pakistanis in masses, one of the suicide attackers could come to crowded shopping malls or bazaars in Karachi or Lahore and explodes him. The casualties would be much more than their current targets at Police or Army or law enforcement locations. There’s a need to understand the suicide-bomber philosophy of Taliban; what’s their target and why are they targeting only law enforcement agencies! The emotions of hatred or revenge pop up in hearts only. The tradition of any tribal culture reveals this fact every now & then. As long as tribes have been targeted by US attacks (from the skies only through drones) and their children have been killed on ground, the emotions can’t be controlled. A man who has lost his family can only be fit for giving his life by taking hundred of lives – suicide bomber!


Another view, as suicide-bombing product is readily available, so those International forces who have common interest in destabilizing Pakistan , may take up this product to blame others. As Taliban is all time having bad name due to US propaganda (equally followed by Indian media too) than anyone could blame Taliban for anything that might not be on their credit. There are some fanatic groups also, who claim themselves as part of Taliban or Al Qaida and operating in Pakistan , for their ulterior motives, some time takes the responsibility of something that none of the practising Muslim could ever think off. Former Ameer of Jamat e Islami, in one of his TV interview with Nadeem Malik, reiterated that the suicide attack at International University , where more than 5 innocent girls have been killed, wasn’t an action of any Jihadi organisation, requires more attention and investigation to reveal the truth.


To counter all such doubts, a powerful interior ministry is the need of Pakistan federal government; who in addition to protect people of Pakistan but to identify all the hidden forces working against Pakistan – be it Taliban or any one from cross borders!

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tragedy of Islamic Forces! by Nadia Khan

Pakistan Today: Tragedy of Islamic Forces!

By Nadia Khan (from Swat, Pakistan)


As the Army Operation begins in Waziristan against the Islamic elements, predominantly Uzbeks, residing in adjoining areas of Afghan border with Pakistan and now termed as the centre of all evils, by the Interior Minster of Pakistan, I've always been questioning myself, "what has happened since 1989 when blue-eyed boys (Afghan mujahdeen) became the worst enemies of USA?" Sometimes the former stance of Awami National Party (ANP) or Asfandyar Wali appears to be true as "US had used Afghans and Pakistanis during Afghan –War while combating against USSR." Unfortunately, same ANP & Asfandyar Wali in 2009 is now in the corridors of White House while the Kerry-Lugar bill was presented and approved!


At foreign policy front, Taliban were the blue-eyed boys of Pakistan army as well as civilian govts including the govt of most-moderate women of Pakistan – late Benazir Bhutto. Pakistan was one of three among those who had accepted the Islamic govt of Taliban including Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates. Religious respect has been vanished and now you could observe on many of TV channels showing terrorists-caught are those having full beard and look like religious personals.


This aspect has impacted Pakistani society where the respect of religious figures or those who bear the religious outlook (like wearing non- Western dress code or Shalwar-Qameez, Islamic cap, or growing beard, their female members offer veil etc) was undisputed some time back. They were the symbol of religious phenomenon and Molvi or Mufti (Islamic scholars, Muazzan of mosques or those who conduct teachings of Holy Quran either at Madrasshas or at homes privately) was the respected element of Pakistani society. Post 9/11, the terms have been changed.


The word 'terrorist' is so frequently used for religious personalities as sometimes I feel that the Molvi sahib who comes to my house to teach Holy Quran to my sisters' kids, is may be a terrorist. This all is the result of mass-propaganda conducted by so-called moderate Muslim forces in Pakistan. This is the tide of time – years before when Syed Ahmed Shaheed along with Shah Ismail Shaheed (the grand son of Shah Wali Ullah) came to tribal areas (martyred at Balakot) now parts of Pakistan to fight against Ranjth Singh, the then ruler of Punjab, against his atrocities and anti-Muslims rule, had been welcomed by all with open hands especially Pashtuns.


Today, this is a well known fact that religious figures couldn't be able to win elections – just based on their performance. Failure of religious forces to gain land-slide victory in any of Pakistani elections is a dream since last 50 years and with present environment this is almost next to impossible!


Osama bin Laden, if he & his associates had done the destruction of Trade Centre twin towers as there are number of other theories too against the fall of these buildings, probably with this action a new foundation has been laid – differentiation between Muslim and non-Muslim. Pre 9/11 the differentiation factor was mere nationality especially in USA or West but post 9/11 the meaning has been changed. Even with British passport but a Muslim has been looked upon with suspicion and the common question of immigration authorities is as 'where have you born?' no matter which passport you carry – reflects a new world!


This new world is the legacy of George Bush, who had initiated it and the presence of Robert Gates, defence secretary, in Obama's administration indicates that US anti-terrorist policy, which is now anti-Muslim, would continue as usual without any 'change' slogan. Though Musharraf, who had lost his courage against Americans in only one phone call, but both Hamid Karzai & Asif Zardari know that they have been installed at the driving seats to implement this policy in their respective countries with full religious zeal for fervour. Even if Karzai throws his cap in front of Richard Holbrooke it wouldn't mean that the iron fist of USA would be little easier at him with a hammer of 'do more' as they haven been given chance to be more subordinate then any one!


Pre 9/11, Americans were thought to be more liberal towards Islam than the then USSR (now Russia) and China in terms of personal religious right however Afghan (with their centuries old traditions) turned out to be more resistive than any Vietnamese and after sacrificing hundreds of thousands of civilians in Afghanistan the hopes of a common Afghani is still high even though his stomach is free from any US-cultivated wheat. Could US army win the hearts of common Afghanis, this is a dream which will never come true! Likewise, the Arab blood is still cheap in Iraq, the top oil producing country once, is still lingering towards stability. US & Allied armies came to a level of killing innocents.


With the advent of USSR in Afghanistan in 1979, Afghans came forward with a view that they are going to resist foreign invasion of their homeland. Out of their sacrifice, their main theme somehow transformed in coming years that they would formed an Islamic system of governance in Afghanistan, once USSR would fail. American vision during those days was to counter the growing influence of communism in that region and hence they came forward to help poor Afghans. These two visions were far apart from each other, and it became evident that in 1988, America has turned his direction towards opposite side and blue-eyed boys, once termed as the "George Washington" of Afghanistan, became the worst enemies.


Even before Osama bin Laden, Syed Qutub Shaheed's thoughts have been progressed so far and taken the ground in pan-Islamism. Abdullah Ezzam's approach towards Jihad had paved the way for the unification of Arab freedom fighters under one banner and hence Osama's wealth had put all of them together till Afghan jihad lasts and new era of conflict is bron with USA!


Holy Prophet (peace be upon) life is having two aspects – pre migration and post migration. In Makkah he & his followers were bearing all the atrocities of Arab lords (kuffar) and after migration to Madina, a new era was born. An Islamic state was established (after setting up brotherhood between those who were Madina's native (Ansar) and those who came from Makkah, Muhajreens) and then Holy Prophet had established a system of government. The first appearance of this Islamic government was the writing of 'letter' to Kings & rulers the world and asking them to embrace Islam. By Islam, it was then meant, that we, Muslims, have formed an ideal society in our part of world where our basis is equality, justice, and prosperity by worshiping only Allah (following the teachings of Quran only) and the guidance provided by Holy Prophet.


A question here is that; Islamic elements or Pro Jihad forces, within the influence of their tribal culture, are trying to form an Islamic State in Pakistan? If so, then what tools have been used in this process – suicide attacks or killing of innocents by detonators – are justified? Religious forces of future, especially active in politics of Pakistan, shall be facing another dilemma once they go back to common men to convince them towards Islam or forming an Islamic state!

Friday, September 18, 2009

At the footmarks of Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) by Nadia Khan

At the footmarks of Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him)

by Nadia Khan


This was early morning hours; only last night we had reached Madina Munawarra (the second sacred & holy city of Saudi Arabia) and after finishing Fajir (morning) prayers in Masjid e Nabwai, (Mosque of Holy Prophet), I was left standing just outside the tomb of Rasul ullah Sallahu Alyhay Wassalum, below the Gunbad e Khizra (the famous green dome) while accompanied male members of my family went inside to present their Salam (Salutations) to Holy Prophet (peace be upon him).


I was standing out side alone and watching the huge construction looking better than any seven star hotel, large ground where million could gather & pray easily, flashy lights, automatic sunlight protection canopies, glazed tiles floor, golden art work on huge doors showing word Muhammad, and inside –from where I just came out- highly maintained air conditioner & number of countless modern facilities. This is Masjid e Nabawi - the mosque of Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) which was initially built by him, called by him as My Mosque, and here he is buried and this mosque became a landmark for all Muslims even after 1500 years ago and forever.


With a flash of second, my mind dates back to 1500 years ago, wondering how this mosque would be, initially, when Hazrat Usman Ghani (RA) came forward to spend money on its construction. And what was the city of Madina too; couple of hundred of small mud houses with no electricity, roads, and muddy pavements! The mosque was built as a very small with wooden trees used as pillars and date leaves were used as part of covering roof. Since then and today's modern facilities, everything has been elevated to its highest peak except the power of Ummah!


Beside all these modern amenities, my mind was traveling to find out what the "status of women" was during these days or little before when Muhammad (peace be upon him) was chosen to become the last Prophet of Allah on earth? Number of history books pages keep floating in my mind where I can find the status of women, suddenly I could visualize that where I am standing, in a near by small room the Prophet of Allah is breathing his last breaths and saying, "O People be careful about women…." This was just the beginning of an unfinished era because what she was before him and what he had given to women during his 23 years in this world, is worth noting beside the false propaganda of West where women is used as a marketing commodity and sale able item even in 21st century!


Before Prophet Muhammad, she was a mere commodity that could be sold as & when needed, a symbol of lust to enlighten the dark nights of Arabia, or a slave who is meant for all types of work; moral or immoral. The best record was given by Quran about the status of women by saying that in an Arabic society "When he is given the good news that his wife is given birth to a female child, a girl - his face becomes blackened and he becomes ashamed. Will he hide the fact or will he bury it in the ground." This was because that he feels that the birth of a female child is a shame for him.


From this level in 6th century when Prophet Muhammad was sent as His last messenger on earth and once he departed the world, women status was improved by him in instituting rights of property ownership, inheritance, business, education and divorce.


Even in some cases, woman enjoys certain privileges of which man is deprived off. She is exempted from some religious duties such as five times prayers and Ramadan fasting in her regular periods and at times of confinement. She is also exempted from all financial obligations or liabilities to run a family or earn the living.


By being a mother, woman enjoys more recognition and highest honour in the eyes of her Creator (31:14-15;46:15) as well as among those who believe in Allah. The Holy Prophet has also acknowledged this honour when he declared that " Paradise is under the feet of the mothers."


By being a mother, a woman is entitled to three-fourths of the son's love and kindness with one-fourth left for the father. The famous saying of Holy Prophet, "Your mother, your mother, your mother, and then your father" is in front of us.


By being a wife, she is entitled to demand of her prospective husband a suitable dowry that will be of her own. She is also entitled to complete provision and total maintenance by the husband. She does not have to work or share with her husband the family expenses. She is free to retain, after marriage, whatever she possessed before it, and the husband has no right whatsoever to any of her current and old belongings. Even in case, husband has not been given right to take away whatsoever he has presented to his wife, in case they both decide to get separated.


By being a daughter or sister, she is made publicly entitled to security and provision by the father and brother respectively. That is her privilege. If she wishes to work or be self-supporting and participate in handling the family responsibilities, she is quite free to do so, provided her integrity and honour is safeguarded and also maintained by herself too.


With all these thoughts - a poor woman was standing out side the hujra of Hazrat Ayesha (RA) – one of the house of Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) where he, the holiest man on earth, had spend last years of his sacred life. The poor woman was thinking all about this - where she was and where she stands now after 1500 years ago.


Suddenly, I could hear the voice of my brother who was asking, "Hey! You are still standing, come on we are going back."


Then I realized that in last 20 minutes, I had entered into a centuries old tunnel of history and was wondering as how women life was during the days of Holy Prophet, how he has given respect to a mere commodity, how he has elevated the level of women and what message he has left at the time of departing this materialistic world by saying that the "the best among you are the ones who are the best with their families (wives)."


That was the moment when I really felt proud that I am born as the follower of Prophet Muhammad (sallahu alyhay wassalum) and I am here at his footsteps paying my tribute! My heart was saying that:


"O mankind! Reverence your Guardian-Lord, Who created you from a single person, and created of like nature his mate, and from them twain scattered (like seeds) countless men and women (4:1)"


"Indeed there has come to you a Noble Messenger from among you - your falling into hardship aggrieves Him, most concerned for your well being, for the believers most compassionate, most merciful." (9:128)